Which One Is Better Dieting or Strength Training


dietingstrengthtraining Not eating enough food is one reason why people gain weight. However, it has been noted that in order to lose the weight permanently, a person must not rely only on dieting.

Studies show us that when a person diets, most often than not the weight will return within a year’s time. This is based on how the body’s metabolism is thrown off balance when a person chooses only to diet and not include any exercise.

Why Dieting Alone Is Bad

Dieting causes the body to lose not only fat but muscle tissue as well. So what is happening is that the body begins to tap into the muscle tissue for energy. However, once you have reached your target weight loss goal. The muscle tissue will come back, leading to the flabby weight gain.

Not All Exercises Are Equal

Although there is a multitude of exercises that a person could perform to lose weight, not all of them are good in achieving the permanent loss of weight.

It appears that only a select few could be considered strength training that will assist in burning the fat, increasing the metabolic rate of the body and muscle strengthening.

Regular Strength Training Is Best

Studies show that if a person is to perform strength training exercises for a brief period of time, over the course of ten weeks, he/she can add up to three pounds of muscle and increase the metabolism up to seven percent.

By looking at the numbers, you can see that this equates to about 100 calories daily that are being burned. And if you were to increase the intensity of the strength training, higher results can be obtained.

Combining Both Exercise and Dieting

As we can see, in order to effectively and permanently lose the weight we need to combine both factors of dieting and some sort of strength training. By doing this not only are we providing our bodies with healthy meals, we are also achieving our goal of losing weight.

So what does this all mean? It means that we need to concentrate on building muscle and losing fat at the same time.