What Women Like In Bed

What women like in bed

Men are by nature the aggressors in bed and that is probably the reason why they don’t give much thought to anything beyond mating and their own pleasure. But times are changing and men have started asking themselves the question on how to keep their women interested in bed.

The sudden pique might be because of the fact that women are now coming out of the closets and embracing same sex relationships, boldly claiming to find more pleasure from women than men. This has definitely bruised the male ego and given them a reason to pause from the relentless tirades of self satisfaction and look at the other aspect as well. Read on to find out what and how a woman wants her man to behave in bed.

No wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, please: For men, the act of sex is just that, sex. They hardly think about the time, place and environment to have sex, as long as there is a willing and available partner. But it is a different story for the woman, even if you are not romantically involved, she would still want a little romance instead of a cold act of copulation. A little effort in arranging the scene goes a long way in intensifying her pleasure. Candles and flowers are surely going to seal the deal.

No foreplay equals to no fun: Foreplay seems to be quickly disappearing like some endangered animal. And like the animals, I guess some act should be quickly put to preserve the rites of foreplay as well. Jokes aside, women like the whole seduction scene. The more you drag the part of touching and kissing, the more likely that you are going to heighten her pleasure as well as yours. Using chocolate, wine, whipped cream as stimulants can make you both feel more excited than the actual act.

One way pleasure trip: This is the most common thing that a guy can go wrong in bed. Just because they climax every time, men think that women are okay with the occasional orgasms. Just imagine how will you feel if a woman reaches her orgasm and tells you to help yourself? Pleasure should not be a one-way trip and a little effort should be made to help your partner feel equally ecstatic.

Fantasies can go overboard: It is good to use your secret fantasies in bed, but before bringing out the hand cuffs, you should be raising the topic with her first. An insensitive pervert is the last thing a woman wants in her bed.

Whispering sweet nothings: Most women are conscious about their bodies and shy to expose themselves in bed. Women like to hear good things about themselves and the occasional compliment can make her feel confident and sexual about herself. The charm which you display to win over clients in the boardroom can help you in the bedroom as well.


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