What to do in Thailand


thilandisland The Kingdom of Thailand is an exotic mixture of tradition and modernity.  It is the most visited country in Southeast Asia.  There is something here for everyone from old temples and ancient kingdoms to beautiful scenery.

There are many top restaurants in Thailand that offer their guests the opportunity to enjoy the tantalizing flavors of Thailand.  Some of the top restaurants are Khao Pad, Tom Yam and Gai Pad Khing.

The city of Bangkok, Thailand draws the most tourists.  Here visitors can see daily rituals and religious ceremonies taking place.  As you walk through the city it will feel as though you are passing in-and-out of time because it is a mix of old world culture and modern accessories.  One of its most modern features is the city’s extravagant nightlife.

Another city to visit in Thailand is Chiang Mai.  It is also called Rose of the North.  Created in the 13th Century by King Mengrai, Chiang Mai was the original capital of the Lanna Thai Kingdom.  It is located along the Mae Ping River.  Chiang Mai is full of mountains to climb and explore.

Koh Chang is the largest of the Thai islands.  It is located in the Koh Chang Marine Park.  Most of Koh Chang is made up of rainforests.  The lush landscape surrounds the many popular beaches.  Koh Chang is an adventurous island.  Here a variety of exotic wildlife is free to roam.

Koh Samui carries on the tradition of excellent beaches found in Thailand.  Some of the popular beaches are Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai.  And if you are in Lamai, check out the phallic rock formations Hin Ta Hin Yai.  Koh Samui has three waterfalls.  They are Namtok Hin Lat, Mantok Lat Wanon and Namtok Na Muang.

Phuket, Thailand is home to the Silk Route which runs from India to China.  Phuket is known for its seafood and of course, beaches.

When you are ready to come and stay in Thailand you will see that there are many accommodations from budget motels to posh hotels.  The hotels in Thailand are very much like entertainment centers.  Here you will find restaurants, casinos, bars, libraries, and shopping centers.

You can reach Bangkok, Thailand via air.  The city has its own airport, the Don Muang International Airport.  There are rail services that link Bangkok with towns located in the south of Thailand.  Thailand can also be reached by ships that arrive at Klong Toey port in Bangkok.