What To Avoid On A First Date

Avoid On A First Date

Avoid On A First Date Your first date is always memorable, be it for any reason; good, bad or ugly. However, it is not after a rather painful break-up that you realize what could have gone wrong. One of the most important aspects of successful dating is maintaining good manners.

Do not get carried away if your partner finds a certain unacceptable manner of yours rather ‘cute’, because after a while this same ‘cute manner’ could be the cause of your break-up. Now, just when you have started, it is important to bear in mind that you have to keep up good etiquettes. You can let the casualties creep-in later in your relationships, as being careful at the start will save you tons of trouble later.

This article can be categorized as ‘men’s special’, as a little bit of advice on this area and you gentlemen could walk away with the credit of saving your relationship. Bad manners top the list of deal-breakers, as, let’s face it no girl in the world can tolerate a man without manners.

While it is tough to maintain the well groomed façade as the ‘real you’ might pop-out anytime! So, it is the best to learn and culture a few things in to your system, as it can do you benefit in the future. Now, let’s examine one-by-one each aspect of the places where you could go wrong on while on your first date.

The Right Kind of Spoon

You have booked yourself the perfect table at a fancy restaurant and your date is just as excited. You scan the menu and order the three course you want, but hey, what are you going to do with so many forks and spoons? Now, that is where the trouble lies, if you pick-up the wrong fork your date is sure to get a wrong idea about you and who knows, would never wish to see you again!

Good Eating Manners

It is not important as to what you eat, it is more important that you eat it the right way. If it is the bread you are after, it is important that you break it into small pieces rather than the entire bread. As for the soup, it is the best for you not draw your face too close to the bowl as you sip from your spoon. Most of the times, we tend to get carried away with our favorite food, however, practice a proper self control and make sure you savor your delicacy with dignity.

Mouth Full of Words

Now that you have got the food properly delivered in to your mouth, it is also important that you chew it well. There are some men who simply forget they have food in their mouth and get talking at the same time. Not only do you appear rather disgusting, you also end up being incomprehensible. On the worst side, you could also end-up spitting the entire food on your date’s perfectly made-up face!

Visiting the loo Too Often

You cannot ignore the nature’s calls, if at all it is actually genuine. However, if you are nervous about facing your very first date and end up rushing to the loo, then my dear friend, we have a problem. Seeking refuge in the bathroom every now and then is a big no-no, as leaving your date all to herself every five minutes is bad manners. Keeping a lady un-attended on a table is rude and counts as an un-gentlemanly behavior.

Taking Calls

Now that you have seated yourself with your date, & just start to get to know each other and there is a beep. Your irritating best friend has chosen this moment of all the times to talk to you. Now, in order to make sure you get all things right on your very first date, you must dodge the call. Taking calls and talking endlessly over the phone is the ultimate bad manner and the worst kind of behavior you can treat a girl to.

Bullying the Waiter

There are lots of guys out there who think that they look ‘cool’ if they get to bully the waiter. But, this is perhaps one of the worst ways to impress a girl. As for the ladies, they find it rather cool if her man is totally in control and knows the proper way to conduct with people of all classes. Be sure to know about proper ordering manners, for example when it comes to wine, it is advisable to order by the bottle rather by the glass.

Ordering a New Dish

With an attractive lady sitting across to you, the only message that runs through your mind is to make sure you make all the right moves. With the right wine, the right music playing at the background and the right move; it is important to order the right food. While scanning the menu your eyes stop at an interesting sounding dish, but do not get too adventurous.

It is advisable never to order something new at a restaurant if you are on your first date with a girl. Most of the times, a new dish is never a safe option. Who knows, the new dish in front of you might be so unacceptable that it might make you appear less-knowledgeable and a total fool!

Wearing the Wrong Outfit

Going out on a date wearing the wrong outfit is a serious offense! It is the best to stay safe and wear something you are comfortable with. For you guys, go for shirts and jeans. Wearing T-shirts with loud and cheesy messages is a big no-no. Loud colors and huge prints only take the focus away from the real you. Be sure to wear the right shoes, as the right man in the wrong kind of shoes is a major disaster.

Acting Cheap

Lastly, it is important to be a gentleman, as the ladies like nothing more or better. There are some of those guys who simply do not know how to execute the proper conduct towards the women-kind. Talking cheap or playing hanky-panky with your date when she is not ready is one of the worst offenses. Be sure to treat your date like a lady and you are sure to go a long way to a smooth relationship.

Urshit Tahir