What is Alzheimer’s disease?


Alzheimerdisease A German doctor named Alois Alzheimer first found Alzheimer’s disease. This disease affects thousands of people. Previously, the causes of this diseasewere believed to be old age and stress. However, today that concept has changed and the doctors are trying to pin point the exact cause of this condition.

So what is this disease? It is a disease, which affects the cerebral cortex in the brain, to be more precise. This disease decays the patient’s mental capacity. People suffering from disease tend to forget things and their surrounding seem to be unknown to them.

They become frustrated and need special care. Some of the patients may also have problem with language. Patients with this disease need constant care and attention. In some cases, you can keep them at home and take care of them; but there are times, when it becomes very difficult.

Memory loss is the most painful part of this disease. It is difficult to accept when your loved ones cannot remember you. In case of the language problem, the vocabulary tends to shrink and they can enunciate less and less words.

Nevertheless, it needs a mention that the people with this disease are well capable of performing tasks, but they need assistance. However, this is only the case with those who are not in severe condition.

In worse cases, the patient can become like an infant and need help in every step, such as feeding, going to the toilet, etc.

Other than failing to remember, the patient may have strange mood swings. The patient may be sad or become angry for no reason at all. They also might have problem articulating or expressing thoughts. They might fail to find the right word. Sometimes the people may isolate themselves from others.

The cause of this disease is yet unknown. There have been many researches and so far, the doctors have not come up with any particular cause. But some researches show that this disease is genetic and that it runs in the family. Some other researches also show that lack of certain vitamins can trigger this condition.

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