Weight Lifting Routines


weightliftingroutine Medical clearance warranty is very much necessary if you want to start a weight training program. If you don’t have one, then get one as soon as possible, if you have any intentions of weight training.

A near perfect training technique requires a stable lifting position as well as a proper grip. It is better if the object is kept close to your body when it is lifted and using your legs is a better option than using your back during this process.

Remember that once the legs straighten, it is natural for the hips to stay low. This holds true when you are spotting exercise or lifting anything, may it be a barbell or a box from the floor.

It is essential that effective fundamental techniques should be developed as they help you in preventing injuries to happen as well as making your muscles work in such a way that optimal results are achieved during your weight lifting training program.

Once the knowledge regarding proper breathing and spotting techniques and fundamental training, and lifting skills is gained by you, then you need not look, and are ready to perform such exercises in your new modified training program.


The sticking point is the most appropriate time for exhaling while performing exercises or the same can be said about the most difficult point during a repetition.

It is during the relaxation phase or the easiest phase of repetition that the inhaling should be done. Let us consider an example. When the biceps curl is moving upwards, exhalation should take place during this difficult point and it should take place when the forearms lie parallel to the floor.

And it is during the easiest moment, that the inhalation should take place, i.e., when the bar is lowered. Exercises such as hang – clean or back squat requires the upper part of the body to stabilize for maintaining a correct position of lifting and in such cases, breathing should take place during the final stage of the sticking point.

Every human has a particular tendency to gasp and hold their breath for long periods of time during majority of the exercises. To make it simple, one will definitely experience white noise if he/she does not avoid this feat.

If you do not exhale, the return journey of the blood coming to your heart will be hindered and reduced, thereby reducing the flow of blood to the brain. Dizziness and fainting are the major results obtained if the brain does not get blood, which is rich in oxygen.

If any overhead free weight training exercises are being performed, then holding the breath for long periods of time means literally committing suicide. It is imperative to consult a physician if you are a victim of blood pressure and have any intentions to perform weight training exercises.

And once it is started, it is necessary for such people to exhale all the while during the sticking point and in every repetition.