Weddings And Marriages–Know The Difference


Many people refer to their marriage as their wedding. I was shocked to learn that many of my learned friends out there never really knew the difference when I asked them – and two of them were seeking marriage counseling!

The difference, my friends (who do not know it) is that a marriage lasts a lifetime and is an institution by itself (in fact, it is the oldest institution on earth). It is the relationship between two people of the opposite sex, authorized by law to live together and procreate (not that there is anything such as an illegitimate child in my dictionary) while a “wedding” is the ceremony and the following banquet that leads up to a “marriage”. It can be seen as the end of a courtship and the beginning of a life as a couple – or does it?

I do not believe that marriage ends courtship at all. Who says a couple cannot go out on a date after they are married? I do it all the time, and enjoy myself so does my wife. It is a lifestyle I have grown into and cannot do without. I even “sleep around” if you know what I mean. It’s a lot of fun to take time off (and sometimes sneak off) from work for a lunch date. Or tell my friends that I have to go because I have a beautiful woman waiting. My wife admits she does it too and quite often.

The fun comes when we take off for a weekend to a wonderful romantic place and leave the world and its worries behind – with my parents taking the kid off our hands for a day or maybe two. But this is what, I have discovered, keeps the fire going between us.

Many of our friends hold us in awe and can’t seem to understand how we manage to have such a lifestyle. But the fact of the matter is that my wife is the most beautiful woman to me and when I sneak off from work to meet her for a lunch date or take her out for a second (or hundredth) honeymoon it still feels like the first time.

Many of you guys should try it. Especially the ones seeking marriage counseling in an effort to prevent their marriage being terminated by a court of law!!!