Ways To Trigger Hair Growth In Men

Hair Growth

Hair Growth Hair forms an essential part of our appearance and adds to our looks and personality in a very effective way. If a person has less hair than he normally should or suffers from little or extreme baldness, his self-confidence gets affected to a great extent and he may avoid being in the company of other people. He may refuse to go out with friends and family and retreat himself into a shell.

Studies reveal that the hair grows at about half an inch per month in men and a little more in women. Hair which is very dry and rough is prone to a lot of breakage and split-ends and an individual feels that his hair is no longer growing.

Men who have lots of healthy and good quality hair, feel themselves to be a class-apart from others and also become quite popular amongst women. It is very difficult for a man to accept the fact that he is suffering from hair loss or less hair on his head and that he needs to do something about it.

However, the more time you take in accepting the truth and taking some action for it, you will continue to lose more and more hair and your self-esteem along with it. There are many ways to increase the growth of hair on your scalp and these should be strictly followed till you find some relevant changes on your scalp and you hair starts growing.

Tips For Hair Growth for Men

Keep your Hair Clean

No matter how little hair you possess as of now, try to keep it absolutely clean and dirt-free. If your hair along with the scalp is clean, it will help to promote hair growth effectively. Any strand of hair finds it very difficult to leave its follicle, if the latter is jammed with dirt, oil or dandruff. There are various types of shampoos available in the market and you should use the one which best suits your hair quality.


Shampoo every 3 to 4 days and make sure that you thoroughly clean your head when applying the shampoo. Use a conditioner each time you shampoo, as it helps to soften your hair and reduce hair breakage extensively.

Use Cold Water

It is strongly recommended not to shampoo or wet your hair with hot water. Cold water is best for your hair as it keeps the scalp fresh and improves the quality of your hair. If you are unable to withstand cold water, use lukewarm water instead but never hot water. Your hair will get completely dry and brittle if hot water is splashed on it.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to increase hair growth is by massaging the scalp for at least 15 minutes, once in few days. Use almond or olive oil and let it rest on your scalp for about an hour. Oil helps to reduce split-ends and moisturizes your hair. Shampoo afterwards and make sure that you remove all the oil from your hair. If oil remains on the scalp, it can clog the hair follicles easily.

Vitamin B

Studies reveal that Vitamin B complex promotes hair growth. Hair is mostly made up of protein so it is of utmost importance to intake food items which is rich in protein on a regular basis. Eat lots of meats, fish, soybeans, bran, oatmeal, potatoes, carrots and oranges to promote hair growth and reduce breakage.

Vitamin B

Also peanuts, milk and its products, chicken and egg yolk can be consumed for quick hair growth. Vitamin B helps in production of those hormones which trigger hair growth and give way to strong hair.

Avoid Heat

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of your hair and excessive heat treatments can cause serious damage to it. In order to look different and stylish, many men straighten, curl, braid, weave or use extensions on their hair.

These chemicals and various methods of styling weaken your hair and damage the hair follicles on your scalp. These damaged hair follicles are unable to grow new hair quickly and some get destroyed due to the heat. Use very little heat on your hair and blow-dry your hair at a very low temperature even if you have to.

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Reduce Fat and Sugar Intake

Foods which are rich in fat and sugar are not only harmful for your body in general but can also prove very dangerous for our hair. Since hair is mainly made up of protein, a diet which is less in protein and more in fat and sugar slows down your hair growth and also decrease the amount of blood being circulated to your scalp.


Drinking 9 to 10 glasses of water every single day will show visible results in your hair growth in about 30 days. Water is as good for your hair as it is for the body and skin.

drink Water

Water helps to activate your hair follicles which in turn give way to new hair growth and also make your existing hair strong and less prone to breakage.

Do not Take Stress

Studies suggest that people who take a lot of stress and tension on a regular basis experience less growth of hair. The reason behind it is that the psychological stress in a person’s mind makes his hair go into its rest phase. Practice yoga and meditation so that you are able to lower down your stress levels and allow your hair to grow in a natural manner. This will also help to avoid rapid hair breakage.

Comb Gently

The way in which you comb your hair or when you comb it, has a lot of effect on your hair growth. It is very important to be gentle and soft while combing your hair. If you pull your hair too much or comb harshly, you are sure to damage your hair along with its follicles.

If this happens, you hair follicles will not be able to give way to the growth of new hair and the existing hair starts to break. Also, comb your hair when it is semi-dry and not when it is wet. Wet hair is more prone to breakage and is very vulnerable.