Ways To Sleep Better Together


You’ve been fantasizing about moving in or having her stay over longer than the evening for weeks now, but have you considered what a disaster it would be if after a night of passion, you couldn’t get well enough to sleep together? Yes, it is true that while many couples have great sex and chemistry, when it comes to literally sleeping together, there are obstacles to their intimacy as both have different sleeping patterns or even disorders, which prevent the bonding necessary to build up the relation.

To avoid the stumbling blocks in building up your relationship with your partner if sleepovers are hoped for, here are some effective, proven and scientific ways to ensure you sleep better together: –

To ensure your sleep is restorative – and so is your partner’s – you need to get good, quality sleep that brings you closer to each other, as opposed to the blanket-hogging, frequent tossing and turning many couples complain gets their goat when it comes to sleepovers!

Investing in the right bedroom accessories supporting healthy sleep patterns is the way to go for bonding in bed: opt for a double bed mattress with back support that preferably has a separate base for each person. These orthopaedically specialized mattresses with dual-slat systems and spine support technology allow for easy movement of two persons so if one shifts around, the movement occurs in isolation to the other person’s comfort levels during co-sleeping.

Give your bed linen some vitamin D: sun out pillows, comforters and blankets regularly besides the regular wash and iron routine to free them of the dust-mites and possible bed-bug infestation. Invest in some good quality, natural fabric pillow-protectors besides the covers to keep any sweat or odour at bay and replace these once a year or at the most, once in 2 years!

If you are dating a single parent or have visitors staying over the night, keep your bedroom door locked so your private space remains that way and there are no interruptions to your passion-play to prevent you both from getting the ‘zzzz’s you deserve afterwards!

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