Ways to give a man pleasure


mensexplaser Whether you are behaving yourself in bed or you are a rebel, you are definitely feeling comfortable when you are giving your partner pleasure, especially when you have found the right spot for him.

While he might be doing that for you, you can also return the favor if you find the right spot. Guys also have a g-spot but it is just a matter of finding exactly where it is.

The parts of the male anatomy that are often given the most stimulation include the family jewels as well as the whole package, but the prostate gland is actually the home of the male g-spot. Therefore, if you manage to find it, you can be sure your partner will love it.

If you do manage to find it, then you should press firmly on it and give it some extra stimulation. Your partner might not say anything at the beginning, but he will soon surely be asking for more once he discovers this soft spot as well. Below you will find some tips on how to find your man’s g-spot, and how to ensure you produce a lot of pleasure for him to enjoy.

(Applying lubricants)

You should get a lubricant that is water-based if you want to place your finger inside the rectum and start searching for the g-spot.

(Moving your fingers)

The key to obtaining pleasure from this process is to move the fingers slowly: for one thing, to ensure you are not doing any damage and, for another, to make sure the sense of pleasure is maximized. Thus, you should be moving the finger inside the rectum gently and smoothly so he can feel it.

(“Come here” motions)

Once he gets used to the idea of your finger inside him, then you can start exploring. If you can make a “come here” gesture with your palm facing up, then you will definitely create more pleasure. The finger should be moving gently at all times!

(Using your tongue)

If you want to go a little wild, then you should probably perform fellatio at the same time as you are stimulating the prostate. This combination will definitely have him screaming at a certain point, especially if you are bold enough to go down with it until you reach the testicles.

(Investing in toys)

There are a lot of toys available in the market for g-spot stimulations. If you want to play with things and you really want to give your man some pleasure, then you can definitely take your love-making experience to a whole new level by buying the toys and using them on him.