Waxing Cautions For Men

Waxing Cautions For Men

Waxing Cautions For Men The most common and affordable type of removal of hair from our body is waxing and this can be done in the comfort of your home or in a professional salon. Nowadays, men and women both opt for waxing in order to get smooth and soft skin which is hair free. A man’s waxed body looks more appealing, clean and makes him popular amongst women.

It is very important to get waxing done on a regular basis once you start doing it as the new hair that grows doesn’t look neat. This hair free skin should be maintained and cared for so that in growth of hair which looks very ugly, does not take place or no bacterial infections set in the body.

The skin cells close the surface opening for hair when you get waxing done and they are unable to grow out of our skin. This results in the hair curling within the follicles which are found under the skin and give way to in growth of hair. Care should also be taken that the waxed area does not itch for a long time later on and scars do not develop.

Though men may like to get waxing done, they must remember to take care of their waxed skin for a while after the waxing is done. If they fail to do so, the skin may get infected or the in growth of hair might take place.

Waxing Cautions For Men


It is very important to take a nice hot water shower as soon as you finish waxing as this not only removes all residues of wax that are left behind on your skin but also reduce the redness and itchiness that is caused by the waxing to a great extent. You should add a little bit of antiseptic liquid to the water with which you take a shower so that you are rest assured that you do not get any kind of infection on the waxed skin.


When you get waxing done, the dead skin cells which are found on the top most layer of the skin gets removed completely. It exposes a fresh layer of skin which is a tone lighter than the previous one. This new layer of skin is dry.

Waxing Cautions

Thus, it is very important to use a dry body mitt before you go in for a shower to help protect the skin. You should apply this dry body mitt every alternate day. Start using the mitt 2 days after the day you get your body waxed.


The body must be moisturized once the waxing is over so that the dryness of the skin reduces instantly. You must moisturize your skin every day after getting it waxed so that it not only protects your skin but also reduces the irritation that is caused due to waxing.

This helps the hair to grow out onto the surface of the skin and prevents in growth of hair. You can also apply aloe vera gel on the waxed area as it has the same effects that a moisturizer has on the skin.

Going Under the Sun

It is strictly advisable not to go under the sun, to the beach or in a chlorinated pool for 3 days after you get the waxing done. If you fail to do so, the redness and itchiness which you feel on your waxed skin will increase even more and make you scratch your skin all the time.

Steam or Sauna Baths

You should also avoid places like the jacuzzi, steam baths or common sauna rooms as these areas are hot and they may increase the burning sensation that is caused because of waxing.

Things To Consider Before Waxing

Also, you are more prone to getting a bacterial infection in these places very easily as many people enter these kinds of rooms and may transfer their infection onto your skin immediately.

Avoid Strong Creams

A man should avoid using all kinds of strong creams and various types of lotions on his body for at least 3 days after waxing as it can create a burning sensation in your body and make you feel very irritable. You may feel extremely uncomfortable after applying the cream and may need to take a hot water shower to remove the lotion from your body.

It is also recommended to stay away from body mists, perfumes, deodorants and colognes after getting your body waxed as they too have a burning effect on the skin. Also avoid using strong and harsh soaps during a shower as these too are capable of irritating your skin.

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Vitamin E Cream

Instead of applying all those scented and strong lotions, it is best to apply Vitamin E cream on the skin right after waxing.

Consider Before Waxing

Vitamin E soothes the skin and reduces the redness and itchiness that is accompanied with waxing. It is also good for your skin as it lets the hair follicles grow out easily, thus preventing any in growth of hair.


After you get your body waxed, it is best to stay away from the gym or vigorous exercises that you are used to, for at least 2 days. The reason behind this is that if you exercise vigorously, you will sweat all over and this will help bacteria and germs to thrive on your freshly waxed skin very quickly. Thus, it is better not to exercise or perform any such activity which makes you sweat a lot.

Loose Fitting Clothes

It is generally advised that after you wax your body or a specific part of the body, you should wear only loose fitting garments for 3 days so that your skin is able to breathe through these clothing easily and this also helps in air to pass through the clothes and reach the skin to soothe it.

Tight fitted clothes stop your skin from feeling relaxed and because they are in close contact with your skin, they might give rise to an infection on the skin. You should also refrain from touching the waxed area repeatedly. Make sure that you do not scratch the waxed area even once, even if it itches.