Vegan Diet Basics


vegan-diet In today’s world, we have a wide range of thoughts as to what is good for us to eat and what is not. Many years back it was all about going vegetarian and now people are talking about the vegan diet. What is the vegan diet? Well a vegan diet is one where you eliminate all animal products from your food. So that means you will not only not eat meat , but out goes fish all dairy products and eggs as well. Carl Lewis the Olympic Champion became a vegan in 1990, and has reportedly said that it was the best year he ever had on the track.

To become a vegan is a hard step to take if a certain ideology is not behind the shift to such a diet. People who switch to such diets have done so as they are disturbed by the cruelty surrounding the meat and dairy establishments. It is this underlying issue that has made people move to this form of nourishment. Many men in today’s world are also trying to pick up the issue and work towards it as more and more people become conscious about how we look after our bodies.

Any change like this will require a lot of soul searching as to make such a change will demand a whole set of new rules one will have to follow. It will also put you in a situation where you will need to completely reorganize your self when it comes to sourcing what you will eat. In today very fast lane work force, these will be major challenges so tread carefully when moving in the direction of becoming a vegan. People who follow the vegan diet even feel the need to not use animal based cosmetics. Some thing as simple as honey will have to go onto the back burner.

So what’s so good about the vegan diet any way? Does one get the necessary nutrition one will need? Simply put, if a person of the likes of Carl Lewis at his level of competition can produce the results he did, then I think that, that is an issue one can cross off from your list. With the elimination of animal products, the first thing that will go out of the window will be all the saturated fat we consume from animal products. All the nutrition you need will come from fruit, vegetables, and whole grain. It sounds as an exciting thing to try.

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