Vaginal Blast During Intercourse


sexplaser During sexual intercourse, there are air noises that usually occur. This is because the penis pushes up and squeezes out the air that has been trapped at the top of the woman’s genitals.

The vagina can actually accommodate some of the air pressure. However, the genital noise regularly and consistently occurs as the man is becoming more sexually stimulated and aroused. Noises occur, too, when a man thrusts deeper into the woman with more effort.

Embarrassing situations

We often refer to genital noise as vaginal fart. When vaginal fart occurs, in some cases, this is enough to put both woman and man off. Vaginal noises happen more than once and these serve as an intercourse stopper between man and woman. However, there are also certain times wherein the couple is very much comfortable with each other’s company and is knowledgeable about what is happening between them.

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Changing positions – Don’t Do It!

However, it is not recommended to change positions more often during sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, whenever there is a change in sexual position, the male genitals are being removed and reinserted to the woman’s vagina.

The more frequently the repositioning occurs, the more likely is air to be trapped in the woman’s vagina. When the female becomes more sexually stimulated, the vaginal walls open more and more air is bound to be trapped inside.

Couples should observe proper variations when doing sex. This is to reduce or to lessen the chances of vaginal air noises. Though not all changes in sexual positions will allow air to be trapped inside, couples should see to it that the man’s genitals are reinserted slowly back into the woman’s vagina in order to minimize the chances of having vaginal fart.

Recommended positions

There are also some sexual positions that are not recommended. It is not really that difficult to know which positions are to be used since the couple has the right to decide what positions they are comfortable in.

Various couples often produce different effects because the size and shape of the man’s genitals also matters. It also influences the generation of vaginal air noises. One does not need to really worry about vaginal air noises unless it hinders sexual gratification.

However, it may lead to some physical abnormalities in the body. Therefore, it is also wise to seek assistance and advice from doctors near you.