Unusual Tropical Island Vacation


Tropical Island is a dream destination for adventure loving people. The sandy beaches and the mesmerizing nature with the blue water just take all our stress and tension million miles away. So to have a perfect vacation tropical islands are waiting for us with our family.

Whenever it comes to Tropical Island, the names like Andaman and also Maldives comes to our mind. Andaman is a very near destination and Maldives is a common place now. So to choose a perfect tropical island destination and a rare one is very difficult. We can start with the kingdom of Tonga with 176 islands. The land has many dormant volcanoes and the beaches with welcoming and refreshing environment. Trekking and the Vava’u are among the most special celebration for the people. The exotic beauty and the cultural exhibit of the place are worth mentioning.

The second among the destination can be Peter Island or the British Virgin Island. The island is very famous among young couples and it is known as the largest private island with resorts fully calm and close to nature. Diving in to the sea and the drum beating in the Caribbean tunes is a unique touch of music and art exhibit in the island. Now its time for the Jeju Island of South Korea. The locally popular natural beauty is now a globally renowned place. With trekking and sea diving the place is absolutely meant for people loving solitude and loneliness.

In the tropical Island list the Jumby Bay Island of West Indies can be treated as one of the most luxurious place. The resorts can give you an extremely good break from months toil and stress which money can buy there. So the Caribbean heaven is waiting for us with all sorts of amusement and entertainment along with exotic beauty.

Among the blue lagoons and the scenic beaches in background the Fiji Island is very famous and a must go destination for all. The culture and also the bushwalking make the place good for old memory recollection and also relaxing. The affordable rates for the accommodations have made it a popular destination for the backpackers and common people across the globe. There are also popular names in the list of tropical islands like Quirimba Island of Mozambique. Again the Drivers island of Zanzibar is among the top rated tropical island of the world.