Underwear Mistakes Men Should Avoid


Most men wouldn’t think twice about their intimate-wear wardrobe unless they’re about to ‘get lucky’ or if they are abnormally obsessed with what Mumma may have said to them during their adolescence (Always wear clean underpants – what if you’re in an accident!?!)

However, grooming experts and fashion pundits alike today tell us there are definitely some major underwear mistakes men can avoid if they want to appear hip and cool with the opposite sex – not just by a fluke, but as a rule!

Chief among these totally unstylish statements many ‘clueless’ men make about dressing up in minimal inner wear are going the K-Fed way: he may look a poster-dad (especially if compared to the parenting partner) but wearing a tank-top as outer wear in public places is a definite no-no!

Another undie blooper that men may not consciously realize but that is a hygiene high for those keen on presenting their best self forward is to wash underpants on high heat (150-160degrees F) as Dr. Philip Tierno, (director, clinical microbiology at NYU) reveals the average pair of unwashed undies typically contain 1/10th to a whole gram of faeces! For men that prefer whites, the option is as simple as adding bleach to their regular wash – an effective germ-blaster!

Those with a penchant for tucking their vest into their underwear (whether as a habit or just a personally determined way of keeping it secure) should open up their eyes to the fact that most women aren’t very impressed with the false layering it provides your belly! Ditch the habit for more action-oriented dates, we’d recommend!

Imitating your ladylove’s fashion statement of dark inner wear under light outerwear is probably the biggest style goof-up of all! A black lace bra outlined under a cream shirt is a turn-on because of the assets and the allure of the subtle ‘look at me’ invitation, but your navy vest under a white shirt just screams bad taste.

Finally, the last rule in comfort doesn’t mean having to compromise on style, so even if you love lounging in your boxers, give them a miss when you’re dressing for an evening into town and never ever combine them with fine wool pants. Most formal or fine wool pants tend to have classic cuts that are ruined by the boxers underneath bunching up – opt for butt-hugging briefs instead to look smooth and suave.