Types Of Sunglasses


sunglasses Some times style gets the better of some one and we are forced to see some of the most grotesque sights in inappropriateness. This morning I was working in the gym, it was not even seven in the morning and in walks some one with a big pair of sunglasses.

Yah! Yah! Its all about fashion man, what do you know any way? At seven in the morning, walking into the gym with large framed sunglasses is all about being fashionable did you say. What about the guys who wear sunglasses on a cloudy day. That is a real back burner, but yet you will see it being repeated over and over again.

Then you have the size of the frame that can throw you back a million years. They are big, so big that there is little of the face one can see. Do we need to dwell on style that some men just cannot get them selves to throw off? Come now this is not really only a guy thing, women are doing it all the time, and for those who think they are let off the hook then you have no idea what’s said in the locker rooms. So ok, for all those who need a few tips on this whole subject lets get serious.

Latest trends in fashion will normally be the fundamental guide for picking up a pair of sunglasses. So the need of the hour then becomes to be aware of what’s in fashion and what last year’s fashion was. However more important than both these issues is firstly eye protection and secondly comfort.

These two issues are far more important than the issue of latest fashion. In any case, fashion is more an age thing, unless you are in a very high profile job that demands that you always carry the latest trend on your sleeve. So with all due respect, to the latest in the fashion world do give a lot of attention to the comfort of the pair you buy. I in fact give eye protection the highest priority over all others.

Check out what eye protection levels the sunglasses afford you. You need to ideally have 99-100% UV protection. This is what is recommended by none other than US FDA. So, make sure you have the correct level of ultra-violet protection. All other factors are secondary and would largely be decided by the size of your wallet.