Turn Your Woman On


If you’ve tried every trick in the book to get the woman you fancy’s attention and have failed so far, perhaps, its time you paid a little closer consideration to things you may have doing that may be ‘turn-offs’ which work to only downplay the effects of a good turn on technique and thus, get you back to square one! If dateless on Saturday nights is not quite how you’d like to picture yourself, we’ve got some potentially power-boosting tips for sizzling mental foreplay you can conduct with the girl of you dreams and realize the fantasies you’ve been nurturing so far, in a matter of a few strategic moves, only!

You need to understand that for women affection, public courtesies and eye contact during intimate conversations and naughty talk with subtle innuendos when amongst friends or colleagues that are borderline suggestive, works to kindle the flame of mental foreplay.

Yes, women being emotional creatures and given to tenderness respond much better (and faster) to easy teasing and comfortable, cute but underplayed gestures of interest rather than the orbiting and launching into sexual combat that men interested in a woman indulge in, especially when at a party or pub. You don’t need to stake a claim by physically fobbing off others flirting but strategically work your charms so that her interest gets diverted from everyone else towards you; arouse her with word-play, concentrating on her salient physical aspects e.g. bee-stung lips or silky hair.

As research as the Kinsey Institute in America reveals that for women, being treated like a prize or something to be had, is a sure turn-off, so desist from giving out any ‘want to score with you’ signals; instead, turn her on with the proven techniques, like stealing up casually and whispering a hello, not quite kissing her neck but showing the intention to do so, or rubbing her shoulders gently when she steps out of the shower. Use turn on techniques work to awaken your woman’s body with verbal, teasing games like using phrases that compel them to visual e.g. massage her before a mirror, trace her hips and arms while talking about her day at work and tell her what you admire about her to amplify her desires.