Treatment Methods Of Pleurisy

Treatment Methods Of Pleurisy

Treatment Methods Of Pleurisy Pleurisy is also known as pleuritis and is a condition where the linings of our chest and lungs swell up immensely. The area between our lungs and the walls of the inner chest is known as pleural cavity and it forms with the help of two surfaces which are lubricated and are known as pleura.

The pleura may become inflamed or rub against each other instead of sliding in a smooth manner during breathing, due to various reasons. This inflammation or rubbing causes chest pain.

There are many factors which cause pleurisy with the most common one being an infection in the lower part of the respiratory system. Other causes of this disease are bacterial infections in the body, getting a wound in the chest that might cause damage to the pleural cavity or getting autoimmune disorders.

A person suffering from anemia, complicated heart surgery, lung cancer, parasitic infection or pancreatitis may also get pleurisy which may aggravate the problem to a great extent. There are no specifications as to who can get pleurisy as any person may get this disease.

One of the common symptoms of this disease is that the person feels a very sharp pain in the chest area and this pain spreads to the back and shoulders. The person will cough and sneeze a lot and may have to breathe quickly because if he tries to practice deep breathing,  the pain will increase. There are various ways to treat pleurisy and cure the person completely.

Treatment Methods Of Pleurisy

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Many patients who are diagnosed with pleurisy are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation. Pleurisy can cause cough which is very painful. Thus you may be asked to drink a cough syrup every day which has codeine in it to give you relief.


If pleurisy is caused because of a bacterial infection, then the patient may be given a proper course of antibiotics to treat the disease. Depending upon the severity of the infection, these antibiotics are either given in tablet form or injections.

Methods Of Pleurisy

In order to cure the patient in an effective manner, doctors prescribe various combinations of different antibiotics. A doctor may also prescribe such medicines which reduce the pain as the first step of treatment and then move onto antibiotics to cure the disease completely.

Draining the Pleural Fluid

It has been seen that in many patients, the pleural fluid becomes infected or extra amounts of this fluid get deposited in the affected area, leading to pleurisy. In such cases, the doctor drains out the liquid with the help of a tube which is inserted into the patient’s chest under anesthesia. This procedure is very complicated and the patient has to be hospitalized. Draining out the fluid helps to reduce the pain and the shortness of breath that the patient might be suffering from.

Fibrinolytic Drugs

Often blood clots or pus form in the chest and become the main reason for pleurisy to occur in the body. In such a situation, doctors place fibrinolytic drugs in the patient’s chest to break these clots or pus and drain them out of the body with the help of a tube. If this method fails or the clot or pus is too big in size to be removed in this manner, the doctor may have to perform a surgery on the patient. This surgery is known as thoracotomy.


In some cases, the pleural effusion is caused due to cancer and it makes the fluid accumulate again after it has been removed once. An irritant such as tetracycline is instilled into the space between the two pleural layers so that inflammation takes place.



This is done so that the inflammation gets both the layers of the pleura together and scars develop. Thus the area in between the pleura disappears completely and the fluid is unable to accumulate in it again.

Natural Treatment

Along with medication, natural methods have also been proved to be quite effective in treating pleurisy. In order to get quick relief from pain a hot towel should be applied on the painful area at least 4 times a day. Avoid using ice packs as they will aggravate the situation and cause more pain. People who suffer from pleurisy should drink milk every day and eat 2 oranges during the whole day. Oranges strengthen our immune system so that it can fight off diseases effectively.

Basil leaves are also quite effective in treating pleurisy if eaten every day in the mornings and evenings. These leaves are capable of drying out the fluid in the pleura and provide immediate relief to the patient. Black seed oil and celery leaves should also be consumed in good quantities as it boosts our immune system. Olive leaves are another method to cure pleurisy naturally as they effectively treat bacterial infections in the body and possess anti-oxidant effect on the body.

Food Items

A person who suffers from pleurisy should eat a diet which is rich in cabbage and potatoes. Also, gourd and cauliflower should be eaten in good quantities on a daily basis. It is advisable to drink pleurisy root tea as they clear out the lungs along with the chest by making the patient cough out mucus and eradicate it completely.


The herb hog weed is being widely used as a natural treatment to cure pleurisy. This herb should be prepared in powder form and taken on a daily basis to cure the person. This herb is used for the reason that it possesses such properties that are capable of removing the matter which gets deposited on the bronchial tubes and clear it out completely.

How To Treat Pleurisy Naturally

Another herb which is used to cure pleurisy is rosemary. Rosemary reduces the pain effectively and also eradicates the infection from the body. Eucalyptus can be used as an alternative if rosemary is not available.

Bathing in Salt Lakes

Studies suggest that if a person suffers from pleurisy, he should bathe in salt lakes every day to cure himself from the disease. Another alternative is to go to salt mines and take air bathes in them as this proves to be very beneficial in curing pleurisy.

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