Treatment for Male Infertility


Male infertility refers to low sperm-count in the semen and it has been proved that if zinc supplements to the extent of 240 mg a day are given, it increases sperm count phenomenally. 

Emotionally, it is disturbing to know that a couple is infertile. No one wants or expects to be infertile. One in five men has this problem, if they are likely to have a varicose. You must have come across some people who continue to remain infertile in spite of several treatments.

At times, a simple daily dosage of Vitamin E, 100-200 IU to the infertile couple has seen an increase in the fertility rate. A couple is called infertile, when after a year of sexual intercourse, which are frequent and unprotected, the woman does not conceive. However, there are a number of other causes which also inhibit pregnancy.

When a male is diagnosed as infertile, the fear of the partner ending the marriage or relationship is always stalking them. It is here that the role of support communities should be emphasized. Many of these people find solace in communities that have members similarly placed.

This enables the couple to meet other couples who are infertile, exchange their fears and doubts, as well as experience and find solace of support. This is very important both for the man and his wife. Exchange of experiences helps them correct what has gone wrong with their lives.

It will help them to feel that they are not alone and there are many like them who are similarly placed. It is a wonderful way of getting out of anxiety and tension, which the situation creates.

For infertile couples, one of the options is to go for surrogate adoption of children, which provides an opportunity to enjoy parenting of a child. If the couple agrees that they have to have a child and don’t bother about the infertility, they can experience parenthood by adopting a child, instead of trying forever.

Many infertile women prefer to have sex even during the infertile period in their menstrual cycle, just hoping that they may get pregnant somehow.