Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability of a male to have an erection that is rigid and can perform sex. Though every male at some point of time or the other experiences this condition, it should be treated when it recurs very often. 

As many as 25 million Americans are said to be suffering from this condition, while another study pointed that as much as 43% of people in the age group of 40-70 had this problem, at one level or the other.

The symptom of this condition is marked by inability to have an erection which is suitable for a mutually satisfying sex. Though when it occurs occasionally, it is dismissed as normal, but when it persists for prolonged time, it might require medical intervention.

The reasons can be psychological, due to negative state of the man’s emotions. Sometimes, sheer anxiety of whether sex is going to be a failure can lead to impotence. Stress, depression and problems with partners can also have an effect on sexual relations. Smoking can also result in impotence, and so does the usage of drugs, alcohol and exposure to chemicals, apart from Diabetes.

Sometimes when medicines to treat blood pressure, anti-depressants etc., are taken, it can lead to ED. Kidney failure, heart ailments, etc. can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

This condition is treated by medications like [email protected]@, which contains Sildenafil, Levitra or Vardenafil and Cialis Or Tadalfil. However, these oral drugs are effective only when man is sexually aroused to some extent and should not be taken by men using nitrates or nitroglycerin drugs for treating heart ailments. These tablets may slightly upset the stomach, and you experience headache and congestion of the nose.

Sometimes, some drugs like Prostaglandin injected at the base of penis can bring about an erection. Another method is to introduce a drug-pellet of Alprostadil into the opening in the penis. Though painful, it can bring about the erection within 15 minutes.

Vacuum devices are available which can help erections strong enough to last for half an hour, apart from prosthesis, which are inserted into penis for an erection. Therapy by administering Testosterone is also used for people who have low levels of this hormone.

Since sex is part of our lives, Erectile Dysfunction can bring about relationship problems with partners.