Treat Impotence Without Drugs


Impotence is a very fear and physically debilitating condition for many men, though few talk about it and even fewer are ready to admit they have suffered from it. Impotence is termed as erectile dysfunction in the medical dictionary and refers to one of the worst nightmares a healthy male could have, but with the advancement in science and technology and with many researches and studies being conducted on a psychological and clinical level, it has come to be common knowledge that the condition is not always permanent and can be treated with medication, drugs and sometimes, even just sustained counselling.

What is important for a patient suffering from occasional or more frequent impotence is to understand the causes for the condition; the rare instance can happen to even apparently healthy males who lead active and sporty lives and stress, overwork, alcoholic excesses besides side-effects of heavy allopathic drugs or even emotional trauma can cause temporary erectile dysfunction, which is not really something to get anxious about.

In order to treat impotence without drugs, it is imperative to determine whether the condition is primary or secondary in nature; in the first instance, men will not sustain sufficient erections to enjoy satisfactory intercourse and this is rare, mostly due to severe psychological conditions but in the second instance, which is more gradual, men do engage in and enjoy intercourse, though only 25 per cent of the time.

So, while there are definitely very effective drugs in the market that promise relief from impotence and to restore vigour and vitality back to the bedroom lives of many men, it makes sense to know the money and health risks involved in their long term use. Understanding the underlying cause of a man’s inability to achieve an erection or even ejaculate is crucial to knowing which factors to cut out from their lives in order to reduce and prevent further instances e.g. due to a chemical imbalance in the system, which can be caused due to hormonal changes; diseases, serious surgery undergone, or due to the intake of cigarettes, liquor and other narcotics which impair sexual functioning besides psychological factors, like low self-esteem, depression or excessive anxiety and strain, all of which can be treated with proper counselling, regular exercise and meditation besides significant lifestyle changes that inculcate healthy habits.