Tour of Ghana

Beaches in Ghana

Ghana is the most famous tourist place in the West of Africa. People from all over the world love this place for the variety of beach options, along with clear sunny sky.

Beaches in Ghana:

If you want to visit Ghana just to spend time on beaches, then you should book your hotel near Accra, as the situation of most of the beaches is near by Accra. Hotels in Ghana offer very reasonable prices, with almost every standard facility included. All those who love water sports can enjoy their time in fishing sports, diving and rest of the water sports. The most reasonable and famous place for the water sports activities in Ghana is Lake Volta.

Other Visiting Spots:

There are plenty of other places as well in Ghana, which catches the tourist’s attraction. Once you are in Ghana, you will find plenty of tour guides who can take you to the all other places than beaches. You should visit the National park, Nature Park, Wildlife Park, Mole game reserve, rainforests and many other places. You will find a variety of wild animals in the national park.

Precautions before Visiting Ghana:

If you are planning to visit Ghana, then you should be sure about two things. The first thing is that you should have the right visa for Ghana and the second thing is that get yourself vaccinated against the yellow fever, malaria and other type of such diseases. Be careful during your stay in Ghana, as these diseases are common there.

Climate in Ghana:

Ghana has hot weather almost throughout the year, but there comes the rainy season as well, during the months of April to June. North Ghana is very hot than the rest of the area, so it is better to avoid this part of Ghana from the trip plan.

The place has very reasonable cost of visit and every one can visit the place. The place has much attraction for every one because of the variety of places, which includes parks, rain forests and sandy beaches. You will surely enjoy your trip to Ghana and will remember it for whole life.