Top ten off beat summer holiday spots


India is considered to be the most sought after tourist destination in Asia, it is nice to visit the different diverse places of the nation that offers unity in diversity. There are several travel packages that have been tailored for the guys who are travel freak and during the summer it is indeed a great idea to take a break and visit different tourist destinations of the country. Many of us prefer to visit places during summer with our friends also and these tours become everlasting memories. It is really prudent to checkout the top ten offbeat summer holiday spots of the country.

Meghalaya offers a peaceful summer retreat, picturesque view of the Himalayas and visiting the rainiest place of the nation, Mawsynram can be refreshing. Munnar of Kerala is liked by the people who want to get fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lush green forests. This place has a confluence of three major south Indian rivers. When we are tired with regular deadlines and immense work pressure, it is a nice decision to visit Kunnor hill station of Tamil Nadu. Adventure loving guys can try for Andaman and Nicobar islands. In these islands, special scuba diving packages are offered and during summer nothing can be best other than enjoying in the waters.

North India trip can be amazing; there are different holiday lover’s destinations in the North. A cable car ride in the backdrop of natural beauty at Jammu and Kashmir is interesting. While visiting Jammu and Kashmir, it is advisable to go to see the highest golf course which is located in this state. For tea tourism, Kangra Hills of Himachal are famous. To enjoy the ice of Himalayas, it is necessary to come down to Kalimpong or Pelling of West Bengal and while visiting these places it is best to take a short trip to the Hiumalayan state of Sikkim.

Mashobra of Shimla is a resting place and it is calm and a good choice of the travelers who prefer to stay within serenity. Enthusiast guys can select Shivpuri of Rhishikesh to participate in river rafting beach camps. Though prior preparation is mandatory; Ladakh has been a popular choice of guys. Summer trips are now in vogue and especially working men are taking up different trips to refresh mind and body.