Top Quad Workouts


hacksquat A lot of body builders are anxious to work out for their upper body but many of them fail to put enough effort to maintain their legs. But giving importance to the legs and overall physique is important and some quad workouts, which are mentioned below can be helpful in such workouts.


Squats are the best quad workout and it is great in developing muscle mass very well. We can gain a lot of strength in doing squats and it is the easiest way to help in enhancing the strength of our leg muscles.

If we do squats for around 4 or 6 rounds, it is not sufficient and we should increase the amount of repeat to around twenty. We can try different workouts, and choose the best options.

Hack Squats

It’s the best method and preferred by major body builders. It has a better effect compared to heavy weight workouts if we have good knees for handling the weight. It helps in keeping our weight balanced and to the best levels without much hard work. This should also be done for around 10 repeats.

It is a good leg builder workout and is the most preferred quad workout. It acts on overall leg muscles and joints and we can use glutes as well as hamstrings to a higher degree in these workouts.

Squats with the help of dumbbells are also a good workout in which we should place a foot above the bench behind us and use the other foot for squat.

The angles can be varied to focus on quads. For doing such movements using the help of dumbbells, we can place one of them in each hand before starting these workouts. We should squat up and down along with raising our dumbbells up and down.

Barbell lunge is also a good workout for quads and it helps in increasing overall muscle strength focusing on the glutes as well as hamstrings. We can simply use a barbell at the back and lunge forward.

We can also practice lunges by using barbells, which is an amazing quad exercise focusing on glutes as well as hamstrings. We can use barbells at our back while doing lunges and we should also practice walking lunges. We can use the smith machine in order to do squats it is an amazing tool that targets entirely on our quads.