Top 6 Cool Orange Cocktail Drinks For Summers

Orange Cocktail Drinks For Summers

Cocktails taste great especially when they are made with orange juice and your favorite poison. You will notice that every well-stocked bar needs to have the key ingredient which is orange juice. Without orange juice, you cannot have your favorite Mimosa or Screwdriver.

Never heard about Mimosa, Screwdriver and other cocktail drinks made with a little dash of orange? Well, here is the list of cocktails that you will find in every bar – especially, if it is a good bar. Orange cocktail drinks are delicious and are awesome for summers. They can beat the heat like no other drink can. Read on to know more about the orange cocktail drinks available all around the world.

List of Orange Cocktail Drinks

The Famous Screwdriver

Our body needs Vitamin C like we need oxygen to breathe. Screwdriver is the best orange cocktail drink which can be great for summers. You can also make it at your own home if you have the right ingredients. It is very easy to make and tasty to drink.

Orange Cocktail Drinks For Summers

All you need is a little vodka and fresh orange juice to make the perfect screwdriver. Make sure you use fresh orange juice as that would taste better than packaged orange juice. Screwdriver is famous all around the world and you will find it easily in any bar.

Simple but Delightful Mimosa

The Mimosa cocktail is simple but delightful. It is easy to make and tastes great and can be taken during brunch. To make the perfect Mimosa, you need triple sec, orange juice, champagne and orange for garnishing. Mix it and shake it – Voila! Your Mimosa cocktail will be ready in less than 3 minutes. You can have it when you are taking brunch on a Sunday after workouts. It is refreshing and delicious for a brunch.

The Lusty Cocktail

Have you heard about the Liquid Lust which is a cocktail full of passion? Lusty Cocktail is not as easy to find as Screwdriver but it tastes heavenly if you have the right ingredients in your home bar. The key ingredients in this is Rosangel tequila and orange juice. Rosangel is infused with the hibiscus flower and has a nice blush color.

Top 6 Cool Orange Cocktail Drinks For Summers

You need lots of ingredients for this one like white wine, Rosangel tequila, orange juice, cranberry juice, a lime, grapes, apple, club soda and oranges. If you have your bar nicely stocked-up, then the Liquid lust cocktail can be made with ease. It is best to have it with your partner on a special evening not just because it is lusty, but because it tastes delicious.

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Bloody Margarita Needs no Intro

The word bloody reminds us of the tomato based cocktail ‘Bloody Mary’. But the Bloody Margarita’s blood is that of the orange juice. You cannot miss out on this one as it is very popular. You would need tequila, orange juice, lime juice and Cointreau orange liquor. All you need to do is pour it in a cocktail shaker and you are set to drink it by pouring it into an ice-cold cocktail glass. Easy to make and a superb drink to have – you must have it for sure!

Frisky Cocktail Made With Whisky

Thinking of making a frisky cocktail with whiskey? Then you should try the Frisky Whisky cocktail. It is the perfect drink for a special day like St. Patrick’s Day as it is sweet, smooth and tasty. The ingredients used are Barenjager honey liquor, Michael Collin’s Irish whiskey and fresh orange juice.

Cool Orange Cocktail Drinks For Summers

Mix all the ingredients together and pour it in a martini glass. Make sure you use lots of ice. Chilled frisky whisky cocktail tastes so amazing that you might not stop till you drop. Frisky whisky cocktail is certainly a must-try!

Bronx – Perfect Variation of Martini

Bronx is a very simple yet enjoyable cocktail drink which is made with a variant of martini. The story behind this cocktail is quite confusing as nobody knows how it was created. You need gin, vermouth, sweet vermouth and orange juice. You would also need a slice of orange to give it the right garnishing. Cocktail shaker and lots of ice cubes is all you need to shake the ingredients well and enjoy the pretty looking drink. Fresh juice should be used to prepare this cocktail as it will give the perfect taste.

There are many other orange cocktail drinks but the ones mentioned above are a must-try. So, go ahead hit the bar and enjoy one of these orange cocktail drinks. Beat the summers with a chilled orange cocktail drink.

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