Top 5 Moisturizers For Men

Top 5 Moisturizers For Men

Top 5 Moisturizers For Men Moisturizing the skin is an integral part of any beauty regime, but this need is not limited to the female body only. The skin (be it a female’s or male’s) needs to be moisturized, else it ends up looking dull and scaly. With autumn almost here, your body needs that extra drop of moisture and what better way to pamper your skin than with a good brand of moisturizer made especially for men.

5 Moisturizers For Men

Biotherm Homme Aquapower

Biotherm is a French skin care company owned by the L’Oreal group. You must try the Biotherm home aquapower at least once, and I promise you’ll never give it up! The rich formulation keeps your skin hydrated and lends a wonderful feeling throughout the day.

The patented thermal spring water is enriched with minerals that give your skin everything it needs to look good. It also contains Vitamin C, D and E that moisturizes and restores elasticity to the skin. Use it right after shaving and before going to bed. The product is priced at 29$ for 75 ml and can be bought directly from the company website.

Clinique Maximum Hydrator For Men

Clinique is a world renowned cosmetic brand that offers some of the best products in the industry. The cream is best suited for dry and normal skin types. The product lives up to its name and keeps the skin hydrated for long stretches of time.

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The best thing about the product is that besides retaining the moisture, it combats aging and removes fine lines from the flakes. It doesn’t leave you feeling oily and greasy at all. Apply it twice in one day and you’ll never look for any other skin hydrator. The product is priced at 32$ for a 1.7 oz bottle. You can buy it online.

L’oreal Men Vita Lift Cream

Men who have tried out this product swear by it! It can make even a man feel proud of his soft skin. The cream restores the lost vitality of your skin and makes it tighter. It has a double action formulation that fights aging signs with the help of Pro-Retinol as well as keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.

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You will be surprised how simply it rejuvenates your dull and lifeless skin. The product is priced at 890 rupees and can be bought at any good retail shop. You can also purchase it online.

Aloe Derma Men’s Moisturizing Lotion

Aloe derma cream and lotion for men is an organic product and has no side effects at all.

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The main ingredients are aloe vera gel and glycerin which combines with botanic oils to replenish lost moisture to your skin and keeps it healthy. It removes the wrinkles and fight ageing too. The price is rupees 450 for 75 gm.

Neutrogena Men Moisturizer

The Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer is a daily use moisturizer enriches with Retinol to fight aging. The cream contains multivitamins that helps your skin retain moisture and keep it hydrated. That’s not all; it has SPF protection to protect your skin from radiation. It is simple to use and hydrates your skin in just one step and keeps it protected all day. It is priced at 11$ for a 1.2 oz pack.