Top 5 Causes Of Arm Pain

Top 5 Cause Of Arm Pain

Top 5 Cause Of Arm Pain Do you have arm pain? Are you frustrated with such problem and looking for the quick solution that will help you get the best results and relief from it ? Then certainly it is necessary for you to consult your doctor. There are many causes of arm pain. It could be a symptom of some heart disorder or may be due to some injury.

However, you should not take it lightly. If the pain don’t go within a day or two, then certainly you are advised to visit your doctor. There are many reasons of arm pain. However, to find the exact cause, only a doctor will help you out. Here are top 5 causes of arm pain in men that generally have been noticed.

Arm pain is nothing but but a discomfort in the arm. It is that area of the shoulder which joints to the wrist. Made with bones and muscles, there are many chances of you to get injury to this part. Say whether its an infection or the injury that has taken place, arm pain can be quite annoying at times.

However, to ensure that you get a quick relief from it, you must determine the exact cause of the problem. Though there are many causes with similar signs and symptoms of the pain, here are the common causes that generally occurs.

This pain can be uncomfortable and if the proper action is not taken on time, the swelling may increase due to which you may find it difficult to move your arm. It is caused due to many reasons that can range from nerve conditions to accidental trauma.

Other than this, age related wear and tear, overuse , lack of movement are some of the common conditions or which you need immediate treatment. In case, you have some kind of neurological and degenerative condition, then chances are high that it can affect your arm.

Top 5 Causes of Arm Pain

Infection Induces Pain

Some infections, due to cellulitis, which is a skin infection or bone infection like Osteomyelitis, infected wound, infectious arthritis, etc., can cause arm pain in men much often than what is normal. If you have any of these problems and do not take proper care than, too, your arms would ache a lot.

Arm Pain


If you do not make sure to visit a doctor immediately after you suffered a problem or did not take preventive measures then, as well, your arm pain is going to increase a lot. Failing to take timely action can make the pain worst, too.

Muscle Contusion Cause Pain In Arms

Also known as arm muscles bruising, muscle contusion usually causes arm muscle pain. The problem can occur among, both, the young and old. However, it is more frequent among men who are young and especially the ones who are athletes or play football and rugby.

It is one sports injury for which uttermost care needs to be taken or else you end with with pain in your arm muscle due to various kinds of sports injuries. Muscles bruising is the common reason which can be cause arm muscle pain easily.

Arm pain and bleeding in the affected area are the common causes that also results due to tissue discoloration and discomfort. Thus, any sort of harm to the tissues or sports injuries would induce arm muscle injury which causes your arms to hurt and pain.

Musculo- Skeletal Problems Causes Arm Pain

It is one of the most common cause of the arm pain. Generally, arm pain would be the symptom if you have this problem. The problem arises from strained muscles or due to the inflamed cartilage in the chest.

This disorder is also known as “costochondritis and must be immediately treated if the pain continues to be there for more than a week, then your arm muscles would hurt severe;y. If there are any different muscles involved in it, the pain can spread to other areas like neck and shoulder, too, but mostly your arm muscles are a victim to it.

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Generally, the pain begins with the usual movement and then increases to all the regular movements of your arm muscles and this is caused due to musculo- skeletal problems in your arms. When a lot of pressure is applied to the area, then too your arm muscles would feel the pain and lead to arm pain spontaneously.

Nasty Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

This one is another common cause of arm pain among men. It is generally caused due to brachial plexus compression which is a grip of nerve roots. Compression to any of the body parts like shoulder or arm can cause numbness, pain and heaviness.

Cause Of Arm Pain


This problem can occur on both the sides of the body and when it is not be treated with conservative care methods, it surges arm pain in your body. This is one of the most common causes that leads to arm pain in men at any stage of life.

Bicipital Tendinitis Tends To Cause Arm Pain

It is another common cause that results in arm pain in men. As per the common notion, bicipital tendinitis generally causes irritation and tends to lead your arms to swell. In rare cases, it has also been observed that degenerative changes in the tendon also take place.

Tendon are the fibrous tissues bands that act as a link between the bone and the muscle. When these tendons are hurt, broken or damaged, your arms would pain. The tendons are very delicate and damage to them can occur at any point of time due to aging or overuse problem which causes your bodily arm pain.

The above are few of the most common reasons of arm pain in men. They can occur to you at any point of time and can be dealt with if proper precautions are taken. These pains can be an indication of more so you need to be aware of how and when the arm pain can be caused. So, check out the above causes of arm pain carefully so that you may avoid extra damage to your arm and avoid the arm pains caused in men.