Top 5 Careers In Media

Careers In Journalism

Top 5 Careers In Media The media industry has witnessed a lot of changes over the last few decades. From the age of black and white movies to the modern digital age, media industry is always regarded as a most rewarding and sensational career options among the aspiring candidates. Now with the development of science and technology, it is creating more job opportunities than earlier for those who want to make a challenging career.

Its diverse nature creates a variety of job openings for prospective candidates. So, if you want to know about the possible career opportunities in the media industry, please read the below given probable options in the field of media. Here you will be introduced to a few of the lucrative career opportunities in media that you might not even have thought of. So, check out the below given options in the field of media:-

Career Options In Media

Career as a Radio Jockey

Radio, one of the oldest gadgets for entertaining people, has modified a lot over the last few decades. Now, radio is a device where you can hear your favorite music tracks as well as discuss and share your ideas on various topics. Due to its engaging style, people are listening different FM channels more now days which has created numerous numbers of potential job opportunities available in this field.

But you need to have creative ideas as a radio jockey to magnetize the listeners’ attention. Like every TV commercials are targeted to a particular type of audience, your show also has certain target audience. Based on that, you need to select songs and topics for discussion. Your interactive style of presentation is the only key to success in this field.

Career as a Photo Journalist

If you have flair of taking photographs and want to make career in this field, then photo journalism can be a good choice for you. It is one of most booming career options in recent times. At first, it was not considered as main stream journalism but due to its importance in the media houses, they are now an inherent part of main stream journalism.

Top Careers In Media

For building career as a photo journalist, you need to capture meaningful photos along with the report that depict them properly. If you are a shutterbug, then this is just the thing for you. You can work while enjoying, plus the added bonus is of learning a lot too.

Career as a Script Writer

From TV commercials to Movies, all need good scripts for producing it. It is the main foundation on which the success of any TV series or movie largely depends. So, it is not to mention that script writing provides most productive and glamorous career openings.

But you need to be creative and imaginative to get success in this field. Writing dialogues and scripts, creating characters and developing storyline are the most important task of story writer. So, if you are confident about your ability to write good scripts, you can choose it as a career option.

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Career as a News Anchor

If you are looking for career options in the media houses, then news anchoring is probably the best career options available for you. Only you need to be presentable as well as comfortable in front of cameras. The main task of a news anchor is to compile and present all the news in a straightforward manner.

Careers In Media

As an anchor in a discussion program, you should have the capability of drawing conclusions whenever needed. Being a news anchor also brings limelight to you and it is also a reputed job. Once you earn a good name, you may also proceed on to being the head of news anchors, which would help you in building a very good profile.

Career as a Crime Journalist

For being a crime journalist, you need a degree in journalism. You may opt for specialization in the same besides the bachelor’s degree and the masters in art with journalism as the majors. You may opt for being an intern at renowned media houses. Many media houses offer paid internships to journalism students.

With the experience of these media houses, you may carry on as a crime journalist in reputed places. For being a crime journalist, you need to be hard working, quick, smart and adroit. You need to stay in touch with cops and inside people also in order to extract speedy news before your rivals would.

Choosing careers in media house are undoubtedly one of the best options to get success in your life. Hope after reading this article, you will clear all the doubts in your mind about this field.

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