Top 5 Breakup Excuses That Always Work

Top 5 Breakup Excuses That Always Work

Top 5 Breakup Excuses That Always Work If you do not have any genuine reason for breaking up you are reading the right story. See, I know that not all relationships are fairy-tales and “till death do us apart” is bogus in many cases. Often you may get bored of your girl, like someone else or simply want to stay out of any relation for the time being.

The truth is, break ups are always a bummer and you need a good enough reason to accomplish one. I am not guaranteeing that your girl won’t create a scene and not cry because breakups are heart wrenching, but a guys got to do what a guy’s got to do! So explore the plausible excuses for getting out of a relationship.

Best Breakup Excuses that Always Work

I Need to Focus On My Career

Now, no one will disagree that for a man, career is important and even if it’s not, just pretend! Tell your girl that the relationship is a kind of a hindrance between you and your career goal.

Tell her that you need time and focus to achieve what you aimed for and you’ll appreciate it if she understands that a relationship is not helping you in any way. May be she’ll try to compromise but you should stay put on your demand. Don’t give way to her talking and tell her earnestly that you want to focus real bad on your career.

I Have to Obey My Parents

This works really well when you’ve not introduced your girl to your family. Tell your girl that you’ve talked to your parents about her (you don’t really need to) and say that they disapproved of her and do not like her at all, not even her name!

Top 5 Breakup Excuses That Always Work

Describe to her how your parents’ fumed up when you mentioned her and how they made you promise that you’ll not keep any links with her and just because you love your parents so much you had to do so. Establish the fact that you love and respect your parent’s orders. Before parting let her know that you will never forget her (in many cases it earns you respect).

I Think I Have Lost Interest

In this excuse you need to take the entire thing on yourself. She might get angry and make a scene but I think this one is honest and works well. Tell your partner that you’ve lost interest in the relationship. If there are any instances that you can describe to prove your lost interest, do so.

Let her know that you’re not aware how it all happened, but you just don’t feel any pull towards the relation. Don’t tell her that you’ve lost interest in “her” tell her it’s the “relationship”. Words matter you know! You girl might try to persuade you and even do things to attract you but stay strong and sever all connections and contacts with her.

I Think I Swing the Other Way

This one might earn you a bad name but it really works. If you are just bent on getting rid of her and do not care about the consequences, this is a funny, reliable and the perfect excuse for you.

Tell her face to face that you suddenly feel that girls don’t attract you any more Don’t be open about anything, just hint at her that you probably have bi-sexual interests or even homosexual interests. The rule is not to tell her anything directly. Just tell her you want to get out of the relationship as you’re not sure of your interest and do not want to spoil her life. Trust me, if she’s sensible she’ll run away from you!

I Like Someone Else

This is an unforgivable excuse but at least you’re honest! If you’ve lost interest in your relationship and have found hope somewhere else be frank and tell your partner how you really feel. Don’t shout or announce it, the secret is to slowly talk her into it, tell her that you’re aware that she’ll understand you and reveal your true desire to get out of the relation. She may burst in to tears or fumes or may not retaliate at all!