Top 5 Body Lotion For Men

Body Lotion For Men

Body Lotion For Men When it comes to skin care it should not be just limited to face but the whole body. It is essential to keep the skin well moisturized so that it remains healthy and soft. Skin care is not restricted to just women but men should also do the basics to keep their skin healthy. There are a lot of specialized products in the market these days to take care of the skin’s need.

For the face there are face creams as per the skin type that keeps the face glowing. For the body there are body lotions to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Some good brands that keep the skin well moisturized and healthy are as follows:

Various Body Lotion For Men

Vaseline for Men

Vaseline as a brand has dedicated itself in the skin care for past so many years and believes that even the tough skin should be given tender care that is why it has introduced Vaseline Men UV Whitening Body Lotion. It helps moisturize the thick men’s skin and give it nourishment. It also aids the skin against the sun and accelerates skin renewal with every use.

St.Ives for Gorge Skin

St.Ives has a collection of body lotions as per the requirements of the skin that differs from person to person. St.Ives Hydrating Vitamin E Daily Lotion is very good for daily use as it helps in moisturizing the skin even if it is the dry tough skin.

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St.Ives 24-Hour Moisture lotion aids as it goes deep into the skin and makes it soft. It nourishes and softens the skin to look younger while it also maintains a proper balance of moisture in the skin.

Nivea for Men

Nivea Nourishing Body Milk maintains the balance of moisture in the skin with intensive care. It nurtures the skin with essential vitamins as it leaves a soft and supple effect. It works on the tough skin for men and helps in taking care of it by keeping it healthy. Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion with a fragrance that stays longer and deep skin care which helps in making skin smooth and perfect.

Himalaya for Fab Skin

Himalaya is a very trusted brand which has dedicated itself in making quality products and in the field of health care. Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion is one of the products that has been specialized for skin care.

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This lotion is especially developed formulation for extra dry skin and works perfectly with normal skin. It can be used in dry winter months when a normal moisturizing lotion just will not do.

Neutrogena for You

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Emulsion is lighter than a cream but richer than ordinary lotions. This glycerine rich formula leaves dry skin softer, smoother, protected and instantly renewed. An ideal body lotion for winters or for extremely dry and chapped skin. It repairs the skin and gives long lasting results that can be felt with the regular use. It is perfect for the men’s skin that needs intensive care.

Body lotions not just moisturizes skin but makes dry skin spring to life again. It is important to take good care of skin to keep it healthy especially in case of men who have a tough skin on which specialized products work.