Top 4 Hair Conditioners For Men

Top 4 Hair Conditioners For Men

Top 4 Hair Conditioners For Men Last time I talked about what Shampoos are good for men’s hair, today I’ll tell you about the best hair conditioners available. Hair conditioners restore moisture to the hair and scalp and lock it in. They also make the hair softer, improve its texture, prevent frizzy hair and de-tangle the strands; in fact if you have dry and damaged hair, you can rely on a conditioner to rescue you from that. It is essential that you use a good hair conditioner every time you shampoo your hair.

Best Hair Conditioners for Men

American Crew Stimulating Conditioner

This product from the stables of American Crew is a deep penetrating hair conditioner that moisturizes the hair and the scalp. It does not feel heavy at all. It energizes dull hair and works on de-tangling the hair immediately after application. The key ingredients are extracts of rosemary and thyme, menthol and Vitamin B5.

The extracts of thyme and rosemary invigorate the scalp and banish dryness. Vitamin B5 makes the hair softer. It is available at leading salons and can also be purchased online. At Amazon you have to pay about 10$ for a 15.2 oz pack. Indian online stores are selling the 250ml bottle at Rs. 600.

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Conditioner

The pure-formance conditioner lives up to the name of its manufacturer. The first thing that strikes you about the conditioner is the bottle. The black bottle oozes style and confidence and the product inside is impressive too. The fragrance is not very pleasant, in fact it has a kind of spicy aroma. The key ingredients are essential oils of spearmint and lavender, citrus and kunzea.

Top 4 Hair Conditioners For Men

It has been clinically proven that this conditioner eliminates dryness and itchiness and gives a healthy scalp. It is good for oily hair because it removes all traces of sebum and grease residues. It is an excellent cleanser and moisturizer for both the hair and the scalp. It also adds a glossy touch to your locks. A 300ml bottle will set you back by 20$.

The Particular Man Leave-In Conditioner

This product is a leave in conditioner which means, you do not wash it away after application. It seals the moisture and keeps your scalp moisturized all day long.

The conditioner has no fragrance at all and it protects the hair from the sun. The ingredients include jojoba oil (excellent moisturizer) and hydrolyzed protein to add strength to the hair roots. This product is pH balanced and has no harmful effects on the skin. However, the product is a bit pricey at about 16$ for a 8 oz bottle.

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Marc Anthony True Professional Voluminising Conditioner

If you have limp and dull hair this product will work like magic for you. The conditioner nourishes the hair and scalp and pumps up each strand to add volume. The voluminising agent present in the conditioner is Phytokeratin which is a protein blend of soy, corn and wheat.

Top 4 Hair Conditioners For Men

Phytokeratin penetrates deep into each strand, adds strength and expands it. The vitamin B present in the conditioner adds shine, moisturizes the scalp and makes the hair softer. So if you want voluminous hair that is strong and glossy this product is a must have! A 350 ml bottle is priced at $6.39.