Top 4 Exercises To Build Arm Muscles

Top 4 Exercises To Build Arm Muscles

Top 4 Exercises To Build Arm Muscles It’s every guys’ dream to have arms like that of a sailor. The two specific sets of muscles i.e. the biceps and the triceps are the most worked out muscles when compared to any other set of muscles, go talk to a gym trainer and he will tell you that most people who come to a gym are looking for a quick and easy way to develop arms that tease one’s sleeves.

Now, if you’re a beginner the first thing you need to know is that repetition is the key to tone up your body and get desired results. Start off easy and then increases the number of repetitions and sets and add a few innovative twists to your workouts which suit you and which you feel are helping you shape up faster.

But before you do anything, make sure you warm up good, else you might injure yourself during your exercise sessions. Most people don’t understand the importance of warm ups,and end up learning it “the hard way”, now if your wise enough you’ll listen to me.

Simple Exercises to Build Arm Muscles

Basic Push-Ups

The first exercise I’ll talk about are the basic push-ups, beginners should start off with these before they move onto higher levels of workouts for the arms. Push-ups help add mass to your arms, triceps, chest & back muscle.

Remember, your posture during this exercise is very important so follow these guidelines well, keep your back straight, rest yourself on your palms which should be at-least two full stretched palm lengths away from each-other, and your arms should be stretched to your side close to 90 degrees from your body, legs straight resting on the upper portion of your feet. Now when you’re ready push yourself up and down trying to generate all the strength for the motion from your arms and chest only. You’ll feel immense pressure on the arms and that’s a good sign!

Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbells are the right tools to get quick toned arms. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand straight. Make sure the palms face toward you. Breathe out and raise the dumbbells by contracting the biceps. Curl your hand till the dumbbells are at the shoulder level. Now hold the position.

Top 4 Exercises To Build Arm Muscles

Take care not to move your forearm too much and keep your elbow fixed at a position. Return back to original position while inhaling slowly. Repeat till your muscles hurt. Increase the repetitions gradually and then introduce some innovative twists to this simple exercise.

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To get maximum benefit it is recommended that you perform an exercise that’ll engage many muscles than concentrating on just one muscle. For the dips you’ll need a parallel set of bars. Grasp the rods, your arms should be extended and should be supporting the entire weight of the body.

This is your starting position. Lower yourself by exerting pressure only on the arm and shoulder region. Do not try to bend too much at first. Now return back to your starting position using only the arm muscles to push yourself up.

Tricep Dips

Triceps-dips are a variation of the basic dip exercise and concentrates primarily on the triceps. This can be done at home. Sit on a bench or a chair. Now move your bottom away from the resting surface such that only your hands are supporting the weight of the body. Now by exerting pressure on the hands, lower your bottom till your elbows are at right angles. Return back to your starting position with the help of the arms only. Do not use your foot or hips for this purpose else the exercise will have no meaning at all.