Top 10 European Destinations


How to get the best out of little!!! This question may haunt all men in different situations of life. In the matter of travel, to get best out of little is very difficult but not impossible. Visit to the European destination is one such example. The exotic beauty and the perfect blend of tradition and modern outlook have made all the European destinations one of the best in the world. So, we can take a quick look at the top ten European destinations.

The first place is the 0.76 square mile area famous in the world with the name of Monte Carlo. The place is situated in the exotic blend of Mediterranean Sea and the rough Alps and the place holds a variety of European culture. So the city of Francois Grimaldi can also offer huge entertainment to tourists.

The next in the list comes Athens located in the north of Edinburgh with its historical and ethnicity. The place is beautiful and the land of festivals.  It is also the land of rich wines. Now, its time to talk about Santorini, the Greek Island .This piece of land is famous for exotic beaches. The perfect mixture of Mediterranean beauty and the water sports has made the land famous among tourists. Its time for Rome the place having rich historical background. The majestic marvel is not only the famous for historical presence but also for Italian cuisine. All the roads to Rome really give a heavenly feeling to the travelers.

Prague the Bohemian beauty is the capital of Czech Republic and it is famous for its historical places. The tours round the city give a unique feeling among the travelers. Venice the city floating and is a combination of three hundred and seventeen islands and connecting canals.  It is something very special about the place and it is known as romantic place of the world. So it is a must visiting place with someone special.

The place which can make you refreshing and can free you from earthly stress is this fantasy island. The celebration and the festive environment make the air of Ibiza beautiful and always energetic for the travelers. The Netherlands is the next destination with Amsterdam a unique blend of culture and beauty. The Van Gogh museum and the windmills are very famous of the place.

Now comes the much awaited name London, a place of rich cultural fusion and amalgamation. Tradition, Tranquility and the culture of the place has made it one of the best living places of the world. The last comes the name of Paris the city with style and elegance with which it attracts the people of the globe through ages.