To Love Her


‘Men don’t cry’, but surely men do love, except it is rarely exhibit.While most men prefer to keep a tough cover over themselves in order to appear macho, love suffers in the process. Men are not good with gestures and emotions are left or rather dumped on the women to handle.

This has been a long-running trend, but a slight alteration can make all the difference. Do you rarely show your girl the love she has been expecting? Or do you believe that complimenting her might actually ‘spoil’ her? Well, dude, its time for some quick reality check immediately.

Firstly, it is important to understand that showing affection to your girl is not ‘sissy’ but ‘charming’. Now, just because you have finally married her does not mean you don’t have to tell her you love her. Showing affection and romancing your woman is a major turn-on.

You need not get her the ‘stars and the moons and the universe’ after all who needs that? Something as simple as making a cup of coffee for her is good enough for your relationship, remember women love to be pampered.

Treat her like your princess, now that does not mean you become her slave and run on her ever beck –and-call. Simply stash out candy-floss moments exclusively for her. Massage her legs while the two of you watch a romantic movie or caress her shoulders when you get to bed.

Next, you need to know and understand that every female ever created loves to be told she is beautiful. Shower her with compliments, as simple as ‘your hair looks lovely today’ or ‘this color looks great on you’.

Most men consider complimenting their woman as a sign of submission, that’s wrong, the trick is to keep every thing balanced. Do you actually listen to what she speaks or have you just been ‘hearing-her-out’? The tip is to make good use of your ears and connect them to your brains when communicating with your woman.

Talk to her, converse with her and find out what interests her rather than yourself, women love to be understood. There should be a lot more the both of you should be doing toghter other than just love making.

Connect with her, find an activity that both of you enjoy and spend time indulging in it, together. Smile and laugh together, share a joke, a thought, not just your home and bed. Use the power of touch, as it does wonders to her. Make sure there is ‘skin-contact’ outside your bed-room as well.

A friendly hug, a peck on the lips or a kiss on the forehead shows her she is precious to you. So, dear boys, love her as she deserves to be, it only makes you more of a man; ‘her man’.

Urshit Tahir