To Get Ripped and Build Muscle, Calculate Your Calories


buildmuscleripped Lots of people spend a lifetime fighting the war against obesity. From the very early periods of life when you were first introduced to a lollipop to your never endingindulgence of cookies and cream. Some of the best athletes in the world become fascinated with eating fast foods, sweets, and pizza by the pan.

Controlling your Body Weight

If you can get a hold of your calorie intake, there’s a strong possibility you can get control of your bodyweight. If your dietician has weighed you in at 200 pounds, and you stand at 5’10” and have a steady workout plan, you’re probably taking in a minimum of 3,900 – 3,500 calories daily.

Calories and the Experts

Most people are consuming approximately 3,900 calories daily. This is too much, and if you want to maintain a healthy body, it must be decreased. According to the studies of experts, people are going about their everyday business overestimating their routines, and underestimating the amount of food they’re consuming.

The Formula

Here’s a formula to calculate your day by day calorie intake. This is designed to show how much fat you’re removing daily. We have what is called lean body weight, if we take that lean body weight and multiply it by 12, we will discover that a 220 pound individual who’s very active, can go about life functioning perfectly well with a calorie intake of 2,640.

In order for this person to shed fat and maintain muscle, he or she must have a workout plan that consists of compound exercises and a couple days of cardio.

Lean Body Weight

Now if you desire to increase your weight while maintaining a certain level of fat, you must multiply your lean body weight by 19. With this method you must add more intensity to your routines and reduce the cardio while piling up the mass.

Be Serious

If you’re serious about shedding fat or adding more muscles, it’s vital that you give your body special attention. If your body begins to take on the look of the Rock, you’re definitely doing something right.