To Build a Champion Chest, Use Compound Workouts


chest-mucles Building your chest can be the most difficult muscles on your body to build on account of all the muscles required to build it. You could be performing a chest building exercise while bringing more attention to your shoulder.

The chest and shoulders

The chest muscles are so firmly attached to the shoulders, you could literally frustrate yourself once you find out that you have underdeveloped a muscle on account of the shoulder and chest attachment. Not to mention, it’s difficult enough to develop as it is.

Compound Exercises

The solution to the problem is compound exercises. The chest and shoulders relate very well to this type of routine. When you apply a compound exercise regime, you work a number of different muscles through lifting, pressing, or pulling weights. This process will allow you to properly manage weight and give life to muscle cells.

Mass and Free Weights

If you’re looking to pack on the mass, then free weights are definitely the answer. Muscle mass building is very unique because you summon all the nerves to operate in unison to accomplish a task your body may not be used to.

The best two workouts for building chest muscles are Dumbbell Chest Press and Dumbbell Decline Chest Press. These two workouts target your chest, shoulders, and the triceps in your arms. Let’s take a look at these two workouts in detail.

Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell press requires you to lay on your back on a bench with your closed palms facing upward. Once your elbows are in line with your shoulders, you can raise the weight with your arm while putting most of the emphasis on your chest. Bring the weight down the same way you went up with it and you’ve completed one rep.

Decline Dumbbell Press

This exercise can be rather tricky because you are on the decline and a decline can cause a sudden rush of blood upwards that could knock you unconscious. So, extreme caution should be taken with this exercise. If you’re ready, position yourself on a bench with a downward slope. Your head will be on the lowered end.

This exercise is better performed with a spotter. Have the spotter to hand you the weights with your hands and arms in the same position as you were with the dumbbell press, once the weights are secured in the palms of your hands, perform the same up and down motion as with the dumbbell press, and you’ve completed one rep. Repeat another rep and you’re on your way to a set.