Tips to Enhancing Sexual Stamina


FemaleErogenousZones There are lots of youngsters who suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation and find it difficult to enjoy sex to the best levels. People who use distraction method to avoid this problem do not always get the expected results.

Many people tend to turn away from sex due to such problems. At this situation, many people expect a perfect solution for this and they do not know how to handle it.

First thing is we must understand how our body works, and its needs. There is always a solution to any problem, and it is our responsibility to find it. For a normal person, ejaculation will occur after a few minutes when he starts penetration.

The point is when we reach the extreme climax of our orgasm. We should know how to use our penis and control the ejaculation. There are 4 phases in the sexual arousal and each phase has its own importance.

The first phase is the phase of excitement when we notice our penis getting erect and we begin to breathe deeply. We move on to a stage where the level of sexual arousal is very high.

The next thing is the ejaculation of the penis at which our penis gets erect and increases in size. The final stage is resolution when we get back to normal breathing and erection is reduced. The first step in finding a solution for ejaculation prematurely is to know how it happens.

We can use certain creams and ointments to avoid such ejaculation prematurely. They can decrease our sensation during the sexual intercourse so we can last for more time. But this can reduce the pleasure we could derive from sex.

Another method is the avoiding of positions at which we lose control over our ejaculation. The best position for doing sex is the missionary position and it is very easy to control our ejaculation at that point.

It is also better if we do the intercourse with woman lying on top of us as it gives her better control and we can relax ourselves. We should experiment different position before doing each and every workout.

Whatever tips we follow we must see that we do not reach the climax much earlier and avoid premature ejaculation.