Tips To Cures For Lyme Disease

Tips To Cures For Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the name given to that infection which possesses a lot of bacteria and it spreads in our body if we get bitten by a blacklegged tick. The bacteria which causes this disease is named Borrelia burgdorferi. Generally, mice and deer are known to be infected with this specific disease that gets bitten by ticks, thus transferring the disease to them. If such an infected tick bites a human, he again transmits the disease to the human being.

Tips To Cures For Lyme Disease

The first occurrence of this disease took place in the year 1975 and since then a lot of cases have been registered. Initially this disease is localized to a specific place and is unable to spread throughout our body. Slowly the bacterium starts spreading in our body and is able to reach almost all parts of our body and infects them with the disease.

People who indulge in open air activities like gardening or hunting are more prone to getting lyme disease. It is also possible that your pet brings back home ticks which can bite you at any point of time.

A person may feel a lot of itching and burning sensation in the affected area and this may be accompanied by fever and headache. He may feel tired and restless after being bitten by a tick and may also experience a stiff neck and pain in the muscles of the body. It is very important to cure lyme disease as soon as a person gets it to ensure that the bacteria does not spread in the whole body.

Ways To Cure For Lyme Disease


Antibiotics that are given to a person suffering from lyme disease are generally of two types. The first one is known as oral antibiotics which can be given to the patient if he is 8 years or older. The antibiotic course normally lasts for up to 3 weeks but latest studies suggest that a 2 week course is more than enough to cure the disease.

The second type is intravenous antibiotics if the central nervous system in our body gets affected by the disease. The infection gets removed completely though a person may experience less white blood cells count or diarrhea as a side-effect of intravenous antibiotics.


Vitamin has been proved to be a great cure for lyme disease in a completely natural way. The body’s essential nutrients are restored by proper intake of vitamins in our body and this helps us to fight the disease effectively and heal faster. Vitamin C, B-complex, A and certain digestive enzymes are very important for a lyme disease patient and should be consumed in good quantities every day.

Cures For Lyme Disease


The blood stays clean with the help of Vitamin B while we remain protected from infections if we consume Vitamin C and A on a regular basis. Along with vitamins, a person should exercise everyday to keep the body fit and strong enough to fight off disease.

Oil of Flaxseed

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in great quantities in flaxseed oil and are very effective in curing lyme disease. They help to boost our immunity which play an important role in fighting off diseases. It is recommended that 5 tsp of flaxseed oil should be consumed on a regular basis by those people who are suffering from lyme disease.

Aloe Vera

A person should drink aloe vera juice is he if diagnosed with lyme disease. Just like flaxseed, it too boosts our immunity and cures the disease rapidly.

Lyme Disease

The body starts detoxifying itself when you consume this juice on a regular basis. Aloe Vera juice should be preferably consumed in the mornings to let the body function well throughout the day.

Citrus Fruit

Lyme disease patients should eat lots of Vitamin C enriched fruits to get cured quickly. The fruits can be eaten as whole or their juice can be extracted. They also provide our body with antioxidants and strength. Lemon, grapefruit, mandarin and oranges are some easily available citrus fruits which can be consumed every day.

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Very few people know this fact but garlic has been proven to give strength to our body, is capable of killing bacteria which may reside in our body and works well in a combination with Vitamin C. A minimum of 5 cloves of garlic should be consumed on a daily basis.

Lyme Disease Cure

Cloves which are raw can be chopped into pieces and swallowed with water or they can be kept in a glass of water for a few hours and then strained. A person should drink this garlic water in parts throughout the whole day. However, it is important to remember that garlic should not be eaten on empty stomach or it may cause an irritation in our body.

Extract of Olive Leaf

Being a natural antibiotic in nature it helps to cure lyme disease. It also possesses antiviral properties and is capable of fighting off any kind of bacterial infection that our body is exposed to.

Proper Diet

It is very important to maintain a proper and healthy diet when suffering from lyme disease. A person should aim at eliminating all the toxins in his body as this will help cure the disease quickly. It is important to drink a minimum of 12 glasses everyday and a person should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, onions and food items rich in fiber in their diet.

Lyme Disease natural cure

A person should refrain from consuming excess salt, caffeine, alcohol, baking powder, chocolates, sugar and junk food when suffering from this disease and should focus on eating only homemade food.


Herbs like cat’s claw, echinacea and blue-green algae have been proved to be quite effective in treating lyme disease. They are capable of treating bacterial infections and heal the body rapidly. It also boosts our immunity giving us strength to fight off diseases.

These herbs should be boiled in water for at least 15 minutes and then strained. The syrup should be consumed after adding a little sugar to it. Drinking this syrup on a regular basis for at least 15 days is sure to cure the person from lyme disease and provide relief in the constant itching that this disease creates.

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