Tips To Care For Black Hair

Tips To Care For Black Hair

Tips To Care For Black Hair Black hair is quite different from other types of hair and they are generally found to be very dry in nature. This kind of hair breaks easily and requires immense care on a daily basis if a person wants to maintain it well. Due to these reasons it also gets difficult to keep very long black hair and a person may need to trim their hair from time to time.

It is not recommended to use a lot of chemical treatments on black hair as it can damage the hair to great extents and make it even drier. In order to care for your black hair, it is very important to understand which components are responsible for the condition of black hair.

They are elasticity of the hair, porosity and the moisture in your hair. Elasticity is the term given to the ability of the hair to stretch and get back to its previous length without breaking. Black hair is said to have very little elasticity. The amount of water and various chemicals that the hair can absorb is known as porosity and black hair is over porous in nature.

The amount of water that the hair contains in its cortex is called moisture and black hair has very little moisture content in them. Thus, we see that it becomes very difficult and necessary to care for black hair properly as if we fail to do so the hair will easily break, feel very dry and the hair’s quality will never remain good.

Tips For Black Hair Care

Use a Mild Shampoo

Many shampoos contain a lot of harsh and strong chemicals which can damage your hair with regular use and make your hair even drier that before.

Care For Black Hair

Dry hair breaks easily and you may lose a lot of hair if you continue using this kind of a shampoo. Thus, it is strongly recommended to use a mild and gentle shampoo which thoroughly cleans your hair and does not cause harm to it at the same time.

Protein Treatment

Hair is almost 90 percent protein and the hair protein is known as keratin which is very hard and fibrous in nature. As black hair breaks vey easily, it is recommended to use protein treatments on the hair to make it strong and also rebuild the hair structure.

The best way to do these treatments is by applying egg on the hair once in two weeks. After applying the egg properly, leave it on for an hour. A shower cap should be worn to avoid it from dripping. You should then wash your hair thoroughly to get soft, smooth and strong hair.

Moisture Treatment

The hair’s resilience gets build up and it does not break easily if it is given moisture treatment. The protein treatment should be balanced with this treatment for best results. Using a moisture treatment on alternate weeks with the protein treatment will work wonders for your hair.

However, a moisture treatment should be accompanied with deep conditioning as it does not smoothen out the hair as normal conditioners do. There are various types of moisture treatments available in the market and one may opt for any of these.

Moisturizing the Hair

Black hair is very dry when compared to other kinds of hair and even if a person uses moisture treatment on it, the hair may still feel a little dry.

Take Care Of Black Hair

Thus, it is recommended to use such moisturizers which are water and oil based for optimum results. These moisturizers add shine to your hair and penetrate deep into your hair to moisturize them from the roots. Use a moisturizer twice every week to get healthy and soft hair.

Hair Vitamins

Using hair vitamins have two benefits associated with them as they not only make your hair grow at a faster rate but also lengthen the natural pace at which your hair grows. Hair vitamins should be such that they contain biotin or folic acid or both in them to help your hair to grow at a faster rate.

Also these hair vitamins should possess a compound named MSM which makes your natural growth phase become longer. Thus, your hair reaches a longer length before it stops growing for a while and enters the resting stage.

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Wide Tooth Comb

It is always better to use a wide tooth comb when brushing black hair. The reason behind this is that combs which have very narrow teeth make the hair break easily and pull the hair a lot. As black hair is already prone to breakage and has low elasticity, narrow teeth combs will cause more damage to it. Comb your hair 3 to 4 times a day but always ensure that you are using a wide tooth comb.

Avoid using Heat Styling

If you use heat styling on your black hair it is sure to get damaged very quickly. You may use this treatment once in a while but regular use is just not recommended.

The protein bonds in our hair get altered and become extremely weak when we use heat on our hair, making them more prone to damage and breakage. Also a thermal protectant should be applied or sprayed on the hair before you iron your hair flat.

Neutralize your Hair

If you apply any chemical treatment on your hair, it becomes very necessary to neutralize your hair after that. In order to do so, you must wash out all the chemicals thoroughly with cold water and then wash your hair with a neutralizing shampoo 2 times.

How To Take Care Of Black Hair

In the third wash, this shampoo should be left on the hair for 5 minutes before being washed off completely. After doing so, use a little bit of conditioner and wash your hair for the last time.

Wearing a Bun

Wearing a bun helps you to avoid exposing the ends of your hair. This kind of a hairstyle should be worn every alternate day as it helps to lessen hair breakage and also retains the moisture that is present in your hair. You can also opt for a French twist instead of a bun if you get bored of wearing the same hairstyle again and again.