Tips To Boost Immune System

Tips To Boost Immune System

In winter season, common health problems such as cough and cold affects those people more who have a weak immune system. It is very important for such people to boost immune system rather than spending money on unnecessary treatment.

If the immunity of a person is stronger than even the most dangerous disease will not be able to attack a person. Each and every bacteria and virus present in the environment enters the human body by way of breathing but they do not harm the body because of the immunity that continuously protects the body from harmful microbes.

But when the power of these microbes increases they tend to invade the immune system of human body which results in cough and cold or sometimes flu like symptoms. Sometimes the immune system of our body kills natural cells wrongly thereby evoking erroneous reaction from the body.

In most of the people, one of the major reasons for occurrence of any disease in a person is bacterial or viral infection and it is because of such infections, diseases such as AIDS, malaria, measles, cold and cough can develop in a person. Immune system of our body shields us from such maladies.

Special thing about immune system of human body is that the body produces immunity on its own. By consumption of nutritious food, body becomes capable of developing immunity. If our eating habits are correct then there is no need to take medicines or do something special to boost immunity.

Food supplements available in the market are suitable for those people who have got unusual eating habits and mainly thrive on junk food. Try to avoid processed and packaged food as far as possible. Vitamin C and beta carotene increases immunity, so eat food that is rich in these nutrients.

Zinc plays a significant role in increasing immunity of body. Its main sources are sea-food, almond and raisin. Never try to consume an inappropriate food combination. For instance, never eat curd along with a heavy non-vegetarian food item. Minimize eating pickles because it tends to block water in the body, thereby creating imbalance.

Do not expose body to winter cold since then it will require extra effort to keep itself warm which in turn will decrease immunity automatically. Don’t stay behind closed doors for longer periods. Maximize your intake of fresh air.

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