Tips For Punk Male Hairstyles

Tips For Punk Male Hairstyles

Tips For Punk Male Hairstyles Punk style and fashion has started becoming so popular amongst men that they have started incorporating these style statements in not only their clothes, jewelry and cosmetics but also hairstyles which are messy and really artistic. Punk hairstyles give a person a completely different look and are based on the Vivienne Westwood kind of designs.

These hairstyles were first used by celebrities like singers and music composers in the 1970’s and then went on to become popular amongst Hollywood stars. This hairstyle got inspired by the rock music which became immensely popular in this era. These singers used to dye their hair and also spike it to make style statements.

Punk styles are easy to create and can be achieved quickly. The best part about these hairstyles is that if a person gets bored of it, he can change it and get a new hairstyle within minutes. The type of punk hairstyle that you opt for depends on the length of your hair. It also depends what shape your face is, as punk hairstyles should complement your face or they will make you look very weird.

Types Of Punk Hairstyles

Emo Cut

Emo Cut

Having its roots from the punk style culture, this is a very light version of punk. This is one of the most common punk hairstyles as men who try out these styles for the first time do not wish to get into something which looks extreme and loud in the first go as they are just entering this new world of hairstyles. In this punk style the hair is cut in an uneven manner so that your hair covers one eye completely.

Crust Style

This type of punk hairstyle is exactly what a punk hairstyle should be, neither too loud nor too subtle. In this style a side parting is done after which the hair near the ears is created into spikes which point down towards the face while the top portion of the hair is made to stand up with the help of spikes. The hair is accumulated and got together and then one huge spike is created with all the hair.

To vary the design, some designers take a few strands of hair from the top portion and make them point face downwards. The best part about this hairstyle is that you can easily try it at home and it takes around 15 minutes to do it. If you don’t like it or others don’t approve of it, you can simply change it.

Dyed Spikes

Here, the person should get their hair dyed to a color which is completely different from your original colour so that it changes your appearance. After doing so, you can either opt for an emo cut or liberty spikes which will give you a new personality altogether.

Dyed Spikes

However care should be taken that you do not overdo it or the results will be a complete catastrophe. Either dye your hair in a subtle color and use messy spikes or dye your hair in a loud colour and use a simple emo cut which makes your hair looks stylish.


Going on a higher level in terms of punk hairstyle is hardcore style. Some hairstyles which can be included in this style are big sets of Mohawks, liberty spikes which are medium in size and also those styles which rapidly spread the hair all over the place.

This is a little more complicated type of hairstyle and may take around 30 minutes to be set properly. Here, the hair is cut in an uneven manner and then spikes are made in such a way that they spread out in all directions and cover parts of your forehead. Variety can be brought into it depending on the length of your hair.

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Elegant Punk

Elegant punk makes use of the color black and it is not accompanied with elaborated make-up, funky jewelry and extremely stylish clothing as seen in other types of punk styles. In this style, it is your ability to create different hairstyles of punk and you may design them as you like it.

People who have short hair generally opt for this style as hardcore punk hairstyles look good with short hair. The hair is divided into small spikes and the hair may or may not be dyed in a different color. It gives a somewhat neat and trendy look to your hair and isn’t too loud either.

Zombie Style

Also known as horror or gothic style, zombie style refers to that hairstyle in the punk category which makes you look almost like a zombie and very few people actually try these out. This kind of a punk hairstyle is more for people in the rock band or young boys who wish to show their carefree attitude through everything they do. For this style, you will need to possess long hair if you want to get the style absolutely correct.

Zombie Style

Here the front portion of the hair is first cut randomly and then made to rest facing downwards from both the ears so that they reach your front shoulders. You may wear a thick hair band or bandana over your head to compliment the looks. The rest of the hair is cut shorter than the front hair and it is made into spikes which spread in all directions. People are sure to turn their heads twice and take notice of you, wherever you go.

Exclusive Shave Off

This kind of a punk hairstyle is opted for by very few men as it requires shaving more than half your head completely. If you do not like this style, you will have to wait for quite some time before you grow your hair again and experiment something new. Getting this hairstyle done will require you to go to the salon and get expert help.

In this style the hair on both sides is completely shaven of with a strip of hair being left in the middle. This strip of hair is turned into spikes and may also be dyed in a different color to add to the look.