Tips for healthy sex life


healthysextips Having great sex requires not only good techniques but also a lifestyle. Your sexual life is directly or indirectly affected through your life style. Many problems like low libido and dysfunction of erection can be coped up through certain changes in your lifestyle.

The lifestyle changes will make you healthy and sexually fit. Moreover, this change makes your spouse happy and will brighten your chance of getting some sex.

Working with body: Working with body can improve your stamina and performance in bed. Thirty minutes of exercise on alternate days basis in a week is needed for heart to increase the circulation and pump the blood.

Cardiovascular workout helps greatly in improving your stamina, physical appearance as well as your self-esteem. Most women have ability to differentiate between a real man and a poser one.

But with regular exercise you can have a body that is worthy for sex anytime and anyplace. Keeping your nails trimmed and hair of body waxed make you not only look better, but also give you a feeling of goodness that you were always looking for.

Working with mind: Many people think that agile mind is required as far as bedroom life is concerned because sex is both physical and mental activity.

Through focus, erection can be sustained and it keeps you away from ejaculation. Crossword puzzles and logic can help to improve your focus.

Stamina is both mental and physical but perfectness comes when you can mould your body according to your will. In the same way you can also train your mind, it will help to get rid of any banalities in your sex life.

Working with diet: Life is not all about eating. Certain foods make you feel sluggish and can create hindrance in your sex life. Monitoring the nutritional needs of the body will help to keep you healthy.

You better know your body and recognize the signs because stomach does not signal the brain that it is full. You should drink plenty of water and avoid heavy foods that will make you tired and sluggish.

Excess consumption of alcohol can create problem to gain erection and to maintain it during sex, can cause ejaculation difficulty and sexual desire can be decreased also. As a result your level of fertility is reduced to half.

Healthy sex through healthy body: Good health is required for both life and sex. Making slight changes in your lifestyle as mentioned above will help you to tune your mind as well as body into shape which is worthy for sex. Maintaining an active, healthy and focused lifestyle will improve your sex immensely.