Tips For First Day At Office


If you’re starting a new job and you know strategies to make a good impression on the first day, these can be very useful in creating a winning situation. How your supervisors and staff members see you on your first day is vital for them deciding what they think about you; their impression will affect your career progress in the office.

Make your first impression a favorable one with our tips:

When you are start your new job, be punctual because your boss will expect this and be impressed by your respecting his time, too. Even if you’re not quite half an hour early to work, try for 15 minutes before the others enter office so you can beat traffic jams and other unforeseen problems along the way to work effectively. You not should be late, if you want making a good impression on your first day.

To adhere to this good intention, try and prepare the night before for your next day’s appointment so you’re ahead of your first day at office’s schedule and on time –even if you need to wait in the reception lounge, being early is worth it.

Your wardrobe too is a great tool for making a good impression on the first day in the office. As far as possible, attempt to re-play what you saw the others in the office wearing at the time of your interview; as a general rule, skip the urge to tog up in denim.

However, if the regulars at your office seemed to follow a casual dress code e.g. jeans and polos, you don’t want to show them up by turning up in a 3-piece pin striped suit, now – so, avoid this. A safe bet for dressing smart on your first day to office is to opt for a classic cut in suit or at least a formal, button down shirt collar with a tie.

Remember to thank any trainers or HR staff you meet; as a new staff member, your colleagues will recall any act of disrespect, so it’s important to present your best side at work on your first day. So, no swearing, speaking about politics or religious and being courteous to everyone you meet.

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