Tips For Dating Two Girls At The Same Time

Tips For Dating Two Girls At The Same Time

Tips For Dating Two Girls At The Same Time Dating a girl can keep you quite busy and if you are thinking of dating two girls at the same time then you can be sure of keeping your hands full and are asking for more than you can handle. A girl can prove to be demanding, fussy and difficult to deal at times and if you have to deal with two of them, you can understand how much trouble you are in for.

However, though it has its cons, dating two girls at the same time can bring you its share of fun too, if you know how to handle them well. Dating two girls at a given point of time requires a lot of skill and tactics which a boy must possess, in order to pull off the whole affair in a smooth manner, without one getting to know about the other.

If you are not smart about the dating procedure and get caught in the act, you could land in a lot of trouble. A girl can tolerate anything her boyfriend does but not the fact that he is cheating on her or two-timing her. A girl is sure to call it quits with the boy she has been dating, if she comes to know that her boyfriend is dating someone else too. So, in order to date two girls at the same time, one must follow certain tips and tricks which will help you through the entire process in a way that neither will know about the other girl in your life.

Tricks for Dating Two Girls At The Same Time

Always Answer Calls

Never make the mistake of not taking your other girlfriend’s call while you are on a date with the first one. By avoiding her calls or not answering them, you are making the girl think that there is something you are hiding from her. This can make her suspicious about you and in return she might start calling you up more and more or try to keep a check about your whereabouts all the time.

This may increase your chances of getting caught. It is best to pick up the call, talk to your other girl in a casual manner for a few minutes. Hang up the phone by saying that you are currently busy and will get back to her as soon as you are free. The safest option that work’s well is to own two mobile numbers and give each girl a different number.

Never Take Both Girls To The Same Hangouts

It is a good idea to take the girls to different hangouts. You might catch the attention of some people who visit a specific place on a regular basis and notice that you bring in two different girls with you.

Tips For Dating Two Girls At The Same Time

They might blurt out your whole secret in front of one girl or the other, just to watch the fun and have a good time. Use your discretion and demarcate different places to hangout with the girls. Make sure they are far apart and not near the girl’s house.

Don’t Lie

As it is, by dating two girls at the same time, you are spinning a web of stories in front of them. To make matters worse, if you start lying about everything else too, you will land up in a huge mess which won’t be easy to come out of. It is better not to lie about simple things, be as honest as you can with both the girls and think twice before you say anything to either of them. By doing so, you will decrease the chances of getting caught and exposed to a great extent.

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Avoid Girls Who Reside In Nearby Areas

If you are dating two girls at the same time and they happen to live close to one another or even happen to have a common workplace, it might be risky for you. Avoid dating two such girls who have a lot of chances of bumping into each other in their common workplace or neighborhood.

Before starting to date the girls do your homework well and ensure that they have absolutely nothing in common. They shouldn’t know each other at all or things may take a nasty turn for you and you may get caught when you least expected to. Also, make sure that these two girls do not have any friends in common as it is often friends who let the cat out of the bag to take revenge or watch the fun.

Don’t Bring the Girls Home

It is going to turn out to be a very bad idea to call the girls home even if it is on different days and time. Try to convince them to call you at their place instead and spend time with them without any fear in mind. It can prove to be quite risky if both the girls know where you live and you plan to get one of them home.

Tips For Dating Two Girls At The Same Time

If, in case, you are spending time with one girl at your place and the other suddenly decides to drop in to give you a surprise at the same time, you’ll call for more trouble than you can handle. Your girls might ask you personal questions like where you stay or who all are there in your family; questions you just can’t avoid. So it is better to let both the girls know it all but never make the mistake of getting them home.

Meet One Girl a Day

This is one of the most important factors to be kept in mind. Never fix a date with both the girls on the same day. If you are planning to meet one girl tomorrow, make sure that you make no plans whatsoever with the other girl for that day.

Women get suspicious about trivial issues and can batter you with so many questions that you might just blurt out the truth without even realizing it. Plan your date a day before, keep the alibis ready and make sure the other girl is not planning to land up at the same place. A little bit of tactfulness and pre-planning is all you need when dating two girls safely.