Tips For Better Sex


bettersex Keep each other guessing. Keeping things spontaneous can keep the monotony at bay. Start a little sex play the next time you’re not doing anything in particular.

Put a little romance in the air. Spray a little fragrance and light a few candles the next time you plan on making love. A little soft music can really heighten the romantic ambiance of a situation.

Try somewhere new. Find a new place to add a little excitement and spontaneity to your love making. There are endless possibilities. Try a different room, rent a hotel suite or find a dark public place to help spice things up.

A little lingerie can go a long way. Looking and feeling comfortable can make you feel sexier. Stay away from items that might be uncomfortable, because it can put a serious damper on the mood.

Find something that highlights a part of your body you find attractive. A piece of lingerie that makes you feel confident can be a tremendous aphrodisiac.

Take your partner’s preferences into account. Taking extra time to pleasure your partner can add a new dimension to your lovemaking. Letting them know what you’re doing can further increase their interest, so keep the romantic talk going throughout the session.

Women should stay focused on what they want. A woman turning herself on can really get a man in the mood. Simply telling him what you’re doing to yourself the next time you make love will increase his arousal.

Alternatively, try the silent approach. Taking your partner by the hand as soon as they come home and silently leading them to the bedroom can lead to an exhilarating experience.

Keep the feelings flowing.  Freely express your emotions when you make love. Don’t be shy; take charge and do what you want, because emotional connection is a big part of spectacular love making.

Toys or ice add new excitement. Sex can be great without added tools, but throwing in a blindfold, a few pieces of ice, a new toy or putting on a movie can mix things up and keep the encounters fresh. Tease each other. An hour of foreplay, or even an entire day of foreplay, can add suspense to the situation and increase desire. This is sure to enhance your lovemaking in profound ways.