Tips For Acne Skin Care For Men

Tips For Acne Skin Care For Men

Tips For Acne Skin Care For Men Men have a very different kind of skin when compared to that of women and can be exposed to various kinds of skin problems which can have a long-lasting effect on the skin, damaging it to a great extent. There are a number of problems related to the skin out of which acne happens to be the most common one. It is good to remember that the kind of skin care that a man’s skin would require would be completely different to that of a woman and different methods should be undertaken for the same.

A woman’s skin is more likely to get acne for the simple reason that women use a lot of cosmetics on a daily basis which can cause harm to the skin and develop acne. Men develop acne on their skin depending on the kind of work they do and the various type of hazards they are exposed to. Men should care for their skin to protect it from skin disease like acne and give way to long-lasting and healthy skin.

Contrary to what most men think, it is quite easy to locate the essential skin care tips for men when it comes to preventing acne. Irrespective of the fact whether it is a man or woman’s skin, cleaning and maintaining the skin is one of the most important things to do to avoid acne. Certain tips are recommended to help all men care for their skin and safeguard it against acne problems.

Acne Skin Care Tips

Regular Cleansing

Cleansing your face from all the dirt and pollution that we are exposed to regularly should be made part of our everyday routine. This not only helps us to keep our skin clean and healthy but also prevents any kind of skin problem to take place and cause trouble for us in the future.

Acne Skin Care For Men

It is best to wash your skin first thing in the morning and also before you go to sleep at night. In order to get rid of the extra oil on our skin, a foaming cleanser should be chosen. Avoid too much scrubbing or cleaning the skin too frequently as this may damage the skin.

Be Careful while Shaving

A man should take utmost care and precaution while shaving. If you are already suffering from acne, be soft and gentle while shaving over the affected area and do not pull the razor too hard near the area. Nowadays razors are preferred over blades as they give you a clean and safe shave.

It is recommended to shave in that direction in which the hair grows. Also, you should remember to shave after wetting your skin properly as it aids in shaving. Avoid using cold water on the beard, though it can be used to clean the blade. The best time to apply acne medicines is after a shave and you should avoid using an aftershave lotion. You should ensure that the creams or medicines do not irritate your skin when applied.

Moisturize Daily

Men believe that moisturizers are meant only for women. However, this is just not true because be it a man or a woman’s skin, they all need to be softened and replenished with oils that get washed away with a cleanser. There are a variety of moisturizers easily available in the market which are made exclusively for men.

Acne Skin Care For Men

Studies suggest that the acne creams and medications that we apply on our skin can make it very dry. Use moisturizers which do not possess any fragrance as this can irritate the skin which is already suffering from acne.


Steaming your face two times a week can help in opening pores which had been closed till now and are very effecting in doing away with any bacteria that may be residing on your skin. The best way to steam you face is by filling up a huge bowl with hot water, using a towel or big piece of cloth to cover the whole head and then leaning in front of the water to allow the steam to touch every part of your face.

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Care should be taken that the water should be so hot that the steam lasts for a minimum of 10 minutes. After the whole procedure, wash your face with normal water and wipe dry.

Acne Preventing Creams

Acne creams or medications which are effective in preventing acne to a great extent should be applied over the face on a regular basis. Care should be taken that the cream is not applied in excess. This will help prevent the acne from taking place.


Retinoid is very helpful in decreasing or preventing acne on a man’s skin and should be preferably used at night. It is capable of doing away with the extra oil on the skin and also lessens wrinkles, thus making a man look younger. It can completely eradicate those cells which are damaged due to excess exposure to the sun as men are more prone to do field work than women. Skin cancer can be prevented by using this cream as it removes cancer causing cells easily.

Eat Properly

Food plays a vital role in making our skin look flawless, healthy and young looking. Eating foods rich in vitamin and minerals which provide our body with all the nutrition it requires, will stimulate the production of such hormones which prove to be beneficial for the skin in various ways.

Acne Skin

Fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C and A, also contain fatty acids which are essential for the skin should be eaten in good quantities on a daily basis. Another thing to remember is that water can work wonders for your skin and make it glow. Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water every single day.

Hormone Levels

Hormones play an important role in helping the skin to produce less sebum as sebum can give rise to various skin problems. Food items such as ginger, turmeric and chamomile should be eaten on a regular basis to give way to the right level of hormone which will protect your skin greatly.