Three Ways To Treat Hair Loss in Men


treatHairLossMen It was appalling to discover that thirty five million United States citizens have hair loss problems. Here are three steps that will definitely work wonders for you.

Read and follow these instructions carefully and your hair loss problem will effectively be taken care of.

Remedy Number One

Most people overlook the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. A balanced diet can affect your energy levels. It can also affect your mood, skin, hair, immunity to diseases and weight.

It is strongly advised that you drink water equivalent to your own weight of water everyday. In other words, a man weighing two hundred pounds should drink hundred pounds of clean water and eat seventy percent of vegetables and fresh fruits. You should eat big steak salad instead of chips and steak.

Remedy Number Two

The major cause of hair shedding in males is DHT. This is a hormone produced in the blood by excess testosterone. This hormone clings to your hair follicles, thus suffocating them and gradually thinning them out before they die. Prevention of DHT will stop the thinning of hair.

Remedy Number Three

Minoxidil is very powerful in nurturing hair for regrowth. Minoxidil is FDA approved and it works by opening the capillaries on your scalp, thus restoring blood flow rich in nutrients to your hair follicles.

Although, this treatment is very efficient, it has not been proven to actually eradicate the cause of hair shedding. The best results of hair treatment are usually obtained by a combination of DHT blocker and minoxidil topical.

It is important to note here that you should not use hair products that have chemical or synthetic composition. This will further enhance the shedding of your hair even if it has started rejuvenating. They are harmful enough to burn your hair and also your scalp. Based on this, you should always read the labels of all hair products that you are going to purchase and ensure that they are not synthetic products.

You should use hair products that have been produced from natural raw materials as they are more effective compared to those made with synthetic materials.

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