Things You Should Know When Traveling To The Middle East

Traveling To The Middle East

Traveling to the Middle East is a once in a lifetime experience. It is a beautiful and historic place that is home to several historic places. The vast desert in the Middle East is also a breathtaking sight to behold. Before packing your bags for your trip to the Middle East it is important to know as much information about the place. It is after all a foreign land so being well-informed is important.

The Best Time To Go There

When you go the Middle East there are two things that you must consider before you set a date. These two things are the weather and their religious celebrations. The best time to go there is during the spring months of March to May. It is also a good time to travel there during the autumn months of September to November. The weather during these months is very favorable for sightseeing and exploring the Middle East. The months of December to January are not a good time to go there because the weather is mostly overcast during these months. The night temperature in the desert can also get really cold at this time. Summer is not an ideal time to go there as well because it can get really hot. Tourists from colder regions will not be able to endure the desert heat in the Middle East during the summer months between June to September.

How To Get Around

Public transportation is not that accessible in the Middle East as compared to other parts of the world. Most residents travel by plane or by car to get to another country in the Middle East. You can also get around though their rail system but you have to know that is it quite limited. There are only a few trains that cross between countries. Istanbul has perhaps the best rail system in the area. You can travel by train from Istanbul to different cities in the Middle East. Majority of these train routes have a once or twice a week schedule. The most convenient way to get around the Middle East is by bus. Their bus service is always on time and seldom suffers from engine breakdowns. Their buses also cover more destinations than the rail system.

The Language

The primary language in the Middle East is Arabic. It is the language used in majority of the cities in the region except for Iran, Israel and Turkey where it is only a second language. Persian language is used in Iran, Hebrew in Israel and Turkish in Turkey. Other regions of the Middle East also use Kurdish, Yiddish, Armenian and Azeri. Most of the locals in the tourist areas can speak and understand a little English. Those regions that are far from the tourist areas rarely have locals that can speak even a little English.

Safety Precautions

There are war-torn regions in the Middle East like the Gaza Strip and Iraq so it is best to avoid going to these places. Some areas in the region strictly observe the Islamic Law. They impose severe penalties for adultery, homosexuality and other crimes.