The Woes Of Being Overweight


Being overweight is only because we have been over eating. Becoming overweight is a problem many face in today’s world. Overeating is a lifestyle for some just like fitness is a lifestyle for others. The sooner we understand the importance of keeping slim the better off we will be.

It is strange that there are certain areas of our lives we excel in and yet in others we just fail to do the right thing. Why is that? Is it simply a matter of discipline or is it the complex issues of habit?

Maybe both, but being overweight is a cause of concern as it effects our entire system. Unless we eat correctly, we are over loading our bodies, which then have to try and cope with all the extra work we give it. As younger people, we may not be too worried about longevity. Well let me assure you, you will not live a very long life if you let weight become an issue at an early stage of your life. Just like it is important to manage a career or manage a relationship, it is important to learn as a young person to manage a healthy lifestyle.

Ok so you have not been one of the lucky ones to have jumped onto the bandwagon at an early age and now you are just grossly overweight. Here is where the issue of discipline and habit clash. As you get older, it’s more difficult to change habits.

However, if you have now understood the damage being caused by your additional weight you could start moving in the right direction by cutting back on unhealthy food. You must emerge from the habit of over-indulgence to a new understanding of healthy living.

Exercise is not the only thing you need to consider in your battle against weight. As essential as a good workout is it is essential to understand the need to eat, not only smaller amounts, but to eat a balanced diet. Do not try crash diets and other off the shelf diet plans.

These do shed weight fast and show result, but remember that your body is used to a different type of living and will soon rejects the new diet. This is why crash diets do not work. Read as much about weigh loss as you can and then follow a steady plan to loose that weight. At best, it is recommended that loosing weight at a rate faster than 2 Kgs a months is unhealthy.