The Tried And Tested Way To Lose Weight


When it comes to losing weight or even maintaining a physique many people give up even before they begin. The fact is there are a few secrets on must follow if they want to lose weight at the appropriate rate and stay that way. Remember there is no short cut to losing weight and getting into shape, some gyms and weight loss clinics may promise and even achieve considerable weight loss for their clients but the truth is fat lost in a very short time comes back in a shorter time no matter what you do. So follow the secrets from the pro below and you will find you will get rid of the extra flab and keep it at bay.

The biggest secret to weight loss is to get into a regular routine and work out a sweat through a combination of walking, skipping, cycling and jogging. Alternate these forms of exercise for different days of the week and take a break one day. I’ll explain why in a moment. Then comes your diet, try to improvise and change around the kind of food you eat regularly.

It is not what you eat but how you eat that is a deciding factor of how much weight you put on. No matter what you eat it is going to end up as fat deposits on your muscles if you don’t exercise. You must understand that it takes at least 20 minutes for the brain to receive a signal that the stomach is full. So stop eating when you are still hungry. 20 minutes later you will be satisfied with whatever you eat. Also keep changing the type of calories you eat regularly just like your exercise routine. Eat a lot of food for a few days then lay off food completely – or almost. Switch to greens from meats or fruit. This way the metabolism will get used to a certain amount of calories and when it does not get it begins to burn up the fat it has stored.

Keep this up for a month and a half and you have lost an incredible amount of weight. Weight as in inches not just water in the body.